Automotive Courses

Automotive Courses TAFE Australia

TAFE and technical colleges are offering industry-ready courses in automotive engineering. The students need to attend theoretical and practical sessions. There will be projects and industry assessments in these courses.

VET Institutes are Offering Automotive Courses to Provide Professionals to the Motor Vehicle Industry

Vocational education has begun with an optimistic note this year as many technical colleges and TAFEs have introduced special courses for the Australian industry. Courses catering to the automotive industry are one such innovative move by institutes that provide technical skills.

Students who have just passed their Year 10 or equivalent test will be able to enrol to a vocational college to study a heavy vehicle mobile equipment automotive course. The courses can be Certificate III and IV to Diploma and Advanced Diplomas. International students must have a certain IELTS score to get through the admission process.

Pre-Requisite for Admission

If students want to study a Certificate III course, they must qualify for Year 10 or equivalent qualification. Some detailed Certificate III courses require Year 12 qualification. An IELTS score of 5.5 is required for international students.

Here are some popular engineering courses in automotive department.


·         Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology will enable students to:

  • Design and review electrical gadgets and systems
  • Offer technical advice to customers

The students will work as electrical and electronic designers, equipment repairing technicians and manufacturers, and engineering associates.

 Career Opportunities

  1. Diploma Electronics and Communication Engineering students can get value-added education.
  2. Students who successfully complete the course can work in rail, engineering enterprises, and renewable energy.


·         Certificate III in Automotive Heavy Vehicle – Mobile Equipment will enable students to:

  • Work with the heavy vehicle mobile equipment service industry.
  • Maintain, review, and repair the mechanical parts of the vehicle, such as engine, transmission, and suspension systems.

Career Opportunities

·         Work as a Diesel Motor Mechanic for mining machinery


·         Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology will enable students to:

  • Repair and service mechanical parts, such as engine, suspension systems, and transmission
  • Repair of ignition and electrical systems
  • Manage electronic engine system

Career Opportunities

·         Work as an Automotive Mechanic


All students can start working after completing the course in their related field. If required, they can acquire experience to become consultants or repair specialists. Many other students prefer to study further at a university on the related field.

Write to our student counsellors if you are looking for suitable opportunity to work in the heavy vehicle division as an automotive mechanic.

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