The intrigues of Barossa


The Barossa is also referred to as the wine capital of the great Australian continent. It is renowned for its production of world class wine. It should not be mistaken though as not having any other attraction apart from the wine. Barossa has a relaxed atmosphere which is also warm and friendly with many interesting sites.

One of the places that you must visit when you are here is the whispering wall. This is actually the wall that retains the water of the Barossa reservoir. Its construction started in 1899 and was completed four years later in 1903. The main attraction of this wall however is its acoustic qualities. It is amazing how a whisper from one end of the wall is clearly heard at the other end around 100 meters away. If you have brought your children along they will really enjoy playing around the wall as they test its capabilities by whispering to one another from the two ends.

The other place you would be interested to visit is the Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop. This is a shop that has very many kinds of food stuff both cooked and raw. As Maggie is a cook as well as a writer you will be privileged to have her sign one of her books that you can purchase at the shop. You will of course want to try out some of the delicacies offered in this farm shop. The food is usually freshly cooked using products that come from Maggie’s farm. After some food and a bit of wine at lunch time, you can crown your visit to this farm shop by attending one of the cooking demonstrations which take place everyday in the afternoon at two.

In the evening you can take a relaxed stroll as you visit various art stores shopping for a piece or two to take home with you when you wind up your holiday.