Cane Toads Australia

Cane toads were intentionally introduced to Australia in 1935 in order to prevent cane beetle from destroying the sugarcane crops in North Queensland. Around 101 cane toads were released, but they failed to control the beetles. Then after, the cane toads have multiplied themselves enormously, and now they are spread to all the major parts of Australia. They are toxic in nature and release poison from their glands called bufotenin.
Fast Facts about Cane Toads
Common Name: Cane Toads
Scientific Name: Rhinella marina     
Type: Amphibians
Diet: Omnivore
Average Life Span: 5 - 10 years
Size: 10 - 15 cm
Weight: 2.9 lbs (1.3kg)
Group Name: Knot or Nest
Problems caused by Cane Toads to Kids

  • For humans, especially children, their poison can cause skin diseases, extreme pain, etc.
  • In some cases, their venom if injected into the eyes may lead to temporary blindness.
  • Toads venom also results in inflammation.
  • It can cause vomiting, salivation, etc. in children.
  • At times, it also results in shallow breathing, especially in case of kids.

Prevention for Kids/Children

Cane toads are very poisonous, which may lead to severe pains, irritation or visual disturbances in both, adult as well as children. Below mentioned are the few points to prevent your children from cane toads:

  • The best way to prevent children from being poisoned is to keep them away from the toads.
  • One should supervise their children in cane toad prone areas.
  • You must guide your children about handling cane toads, and how to prevent the dangers at the earliest.
  • Another way to protect yourself from cane toad venom is to shield your eyes, wear gloves, before touching them.
  • In case, your child touches a toad, it is very important to wash your kid hands, as there might be a possibility of them touching their eyes, nose or mouth.
  • It is very important to call the poison control center as soon as possible as they conduct few tests to understand if your kid has been poisoned or not
  • Also, if the child has been poisoned, there are certain steps to follow to get it cured.

Treatment for Kids

Below mentioned steps should be followed while affected by the toad poison:

  • Once the venom is injected into the body or eyes of the children, it is very important to take the first aid.
  • One can collect information about toad poisoning 24*7 at 13 11 26 throughout the year in Australia.
  • One can also get the detailed information about do's and don'ts during the toads bite at:
  • If the venom is squired in the mouth, it is very important to wash your mouth with lots of water and consult the doctor immediately.

Therefore, it is very important to keep children away from cane toads and in case of any miss happening, provide first aid to your kid and consult the doctor immediately.

Protect your Property

Below mentioned steps must be taken in order to protect your property from cane toads:

  • It is always helpful to use yellow light instead of white around your yard, as insects and toads get attracted towards the white light. Yellow light keeps them away from your property.
  • It is very important to check continuously your pool, water containers, etc. for cane toad eggs or tadpoles and empty the water containers which are not in use.
  • In case you find eggs or tadpoles, pick them gently, pack them in plastic bags and dispose them.
  • Shield your property boundary lines with mesh or shade cloth with minimum possible gaps. The fence least height should be 60cm.
  • Keep monitoring your fence for toads and check if it's working fine or not as it plays an imperative role in protecting your children from toads.
  • Remove things liked by the toads from your ground like wood piles, old lumber or pots. If you remove such things, they will not stay at your place.
  • Never feed your pet outside the house, and in case there is some food left in the pets bowl, pick that before night. If you forget to do so, it can be an open invitation for cane toads during the night.