Mobile Phones and Children

  1. It is always good to switch off the mobile phones when you are with kids, as it can increase the chances of brain cancer among children.
  2. As per the new research by Sweden researchers, the radiations from the mobile phones can lead to an epidemic of diseases in later stages of life
  3. For children and teenagers there is a higher likelihood of getting affected by the mobile phone radiations, in the form of brain cancer. This has been concluded from the research conducted by the experts.
  4. As per the survey, today around 40 percent children have their own mobile phones, which means that the upcoming generation may suffer from an epidemic of diseases in their later stages.
  5. After spending around £3.1m on the risks of using mobile phones to the teenagers, the British investigation has come to the conclusion that the mobile phone usage among kids is a major issue and should be dealt with as the highest priority.
  6. As per an official report about the long term hazards of using mobile phones by the children, the government has yet failed to do anything about it to keep its use to the minimum.
  7. During the voting in the European Parliament regarding the impact of the radiation from mobile phones, wi-fi, cordless phones, etc. results in 522 to 16, which placed some pressure on the European ministers to impose some harder rules to avoid children from getting infected through these radiations. The children brain is just in the beginning phase, and their thin skull layer allows rays to pass through them thus affecting their health in the long run.
  8. As per the Swedish research about mobile phone and radiations and from the analysis carried out by Professor Lennart Hardell of the University Hospital in Orebro, the people who use the mobile phones below 20 years of age, has more chances of getting infected through a disease called "glioma", a cancer of the glial cells that uphold the central nervous system five times more than the adults. Moreover, youngsters that use cordless phones have more or less the identical chances or at least four times of suffering through the same disease.
  9. Apart from this, youngsters which begin using mobile phones too early may suffer from acoustic neuromas that disable the tumours of the auditory nerve, which leads to deafness.
  10. Professor Hardell said that this is the time to take this matter very seriously, and one should start taking precautions as it is a warning sign. As per him, the children below 20 years should not use mobile phones, unless there is some urgency, or if they want to, they must use headphones or try to text as much as they can. Kids should avoid mobiles until the age of 20 because after that their brain gets fully developed and the danger of brain cancer becomes least. Moreover, these effects can be even worse, but because it takes years for a cancer to develop fully, these results are taken on the smaller period.
  11. In case of adults, if you are using the mobile phones for more than 10 years or so, one can get gliomas and acoustic neuromas, but there is not an enough data to prove the reason as the duration is too long.
  12. As per the study at Sweden's Kariolinska Institute, it is really terrifying to see the five times increase in cancer risk among the children which are less than 20 years of age. The risks shown can be worse, once all the evidence is received.
  13. Furthermore, the David Carpenter, Dean of the School of Public Health at the State University of New York at the conference - said: "Children are spending considerable time on mobile phones. We may face an epidemic of brain cancers due to the increasing use of mobile phones among children"
  14. One of the former government chief scientists, Sir William Stewart also suggested that the use of the mobile phones among kids and children under 20 years of age should be minimized and dejected. But if we look at the figures, nothing has been done so far, in fact, their usage has been doubled.