How to play with Baby

Playing tips for AU Pairs

Playing is an invaluable part of childhood. Not only does it contribute greatly to a child?s happiness, but it is also how infants learn physically, socially and mentally. It?s also great fun for you and will come naturally; babies are designed to be irresistibly cute!

Babies under three months are easy to please.
The following things are a constant source of fascination and entertainment for the little ones:

  • Rattles, soft animals, dolls or balls either attached by a short cord, close by or placed in the babys hand. Motor skills are not well developed at this stage.
  • Toys that make noise when squeezed or shaken. these help the baby learn about cause and effect.
  • Objects that are brightly coloured and soft books with large patterns. vision is not well developed at this stage either.
  • An unbreakable mirror this is a great source of entertainment for babies, despite the fact that they cannot yet recognise the reflection as themselves.
  • Wind chimes, babies find their sound and movement fascinating and soothing.

There are also a number of ways to interact socially with babies:

  • Rock, coo, talk and laugh.
  • Make funny, happy faces and noises.
  • Play music and sing.
  • Blow loud kisses on the baby's belly, face, arms, feet and hands.
  • Play old favourites such as "This Little Piggy".

Babies learn incredibly fast. The following things can be added to the playpen from 3-6 months:

  • Plastic books with large pictures.
  • Large play blocks, plastic keys and rings.
  • Toys that roll, move and make noise.
  • More complex toys such as busy boards and activity gyms.
  • Cushions and things to bounce and roll on.
  • Teething toys may also be beneficial at this time.

At this stage, babies begin to imitate, so sticking your tongue out, smiling and speaking to the baby are all great ways to interact. Copying each other is another great game that the baby will enjoy. In addition, pointing out all the exciting things that are going on in the world is a great way to interact and help the babys learning process.

Never leave the baby unattended and be careful to watch them at all times.
As babies get older they become more intelligent and curious, as well as more prone to accidents. Above all, remember to have fun and enjoy this truly special part of life!