Care for Babies

How to care for the baby during your Au Pair stay
When you go to Australia for your Au Pair job, you will more than likely be asked to care for a baby. Every baby is different, but there are some basic requirements you need to follow to look after one:

  • Always first check with the parents to exactly how they require you to look after them. They may have certain areas of care that need to be followed, from special food to special sleeping requirements.
  • Once you have checked with this, you should get into a basic routine. Try and feed the baby at the same time each day, and try and get them to sleep at the same time each day also. This will allow you to get into a pattern and not leave things scattered throughout the day.
  • If the baby grizzles and you are unsure as to why it is, check all the main things. Is its nappy dirty? Has it gotten enough food from its last feeding? Is it tired?
  • You should also always keep your eye out for any other problems. If you discover any other issues that you think could be of a concern, you need to either tell its parents straight away or take it to a doctor/hospital if it is an emergency.
  • The most important thing is to always keep your eye on the baby. Never leave it unattended as it can only take a few seconds for things to turn bad.

You will get used to caring for a baby with time, so don't allow yourself to get frustrated if you don't get it right first go!