Care for Toddlers

Caring for a toddler: tips for the Au Pair
You've learnt how to care for a baby, now it's time to help look after a toddler! Here are some tips to help you look after one:

  • A toddler can get itself into all manners of trouble as now it can walk and crawl! Always keep an eye on a toddler no matter what the situation. If you have to leave them unattended, get somebody else to watch them while you are away.
  • You still need to get yourself into a good routine. Keep feeding them at the same times, changing them at the same times and getting them to sleep at the same times. A child the age of a toddler will start to get used to routines and it?s important that you allow them to do so.
  • You should always check with the parents if there are any special requirements for the toddler. From special food through to special sleeping equipment, you need to make sure you are covered. Always make sure you know it?s allergies before trying out any new food or product on the toddler.
  • Keep emergency numbers close by in case you need them. This is important as you don?t want to be searching for them if something happens. An emergency can happen at any moment, so always watch out for anything that could go wrong.

Remaining vigilant is the key, so watch the way you look after the toddler to prevent any mishaps from going on!