Crying Babies

It can obviously be a big hassle to have to deal with a screaming baby and kids. During your time as an au-pair in Australia it's something though that you may have to factor in to your stay, and here is some advice to help you deal with it:

  • If you have a screaming baby to look after, always try and find the source of the scream. Check the nappy to see if it's dirty. If this is clean check to see if the baby is hungry. You can then check for other factors such as pain, rash or items that may be causing the baby grief. If it's attention it's after, then give it some but not too much. If it's something you can't find out, a visit to the doctor might be in order
  • It is annoying, but remain calm! The worst thing you can do is lose your temper with the baby. Try and work out the reason for its scream and then go about solving it. Never take out your frustration on the child.
  • If it's small children you are looking after who are screaming, make sure you find out why. Ask them what the problem is and make sure you tell them off if they are simply seeking attention. They need to realise you are in control when you are in the house and they must respect what you say and tell them.
  • Don't give in to demands too easily. If the children you are looking after start screaming and crying because they want a lolly or to watch TV or something that is against what you want them too, remain strong in your wishes. They won't learn if you continuously give in to their demands and they must learn discipline.

It can obviously be hard in these situations but if you remain patient in your approach then you can soon get on top of the screaming child or baby situation!