Diploma Event Management

Diploma Event Management

TAFE WA bildet dich als Event Manager aus:

Event Management (Certificate III & Diploma)

This course trains students to plan and organise special events and to manage and supervise such activities.

Subjects covered include skills in coaching and managing staff, marketing, developing event proposals, bids and programs, developing sponsorship programs, managing projects, finance and budgeting, implementing and monitoring business systems and providing on site management of events.


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Aviation Course

TAFE WA offers different degrees in Aviation:

Associate Degree in Aviation (Aeronautics)

Swan TAFE’s Associate Degree in Aviation (Aeronautics) will provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to enter the aviation industry as an airline Pilot...even if they have no flying experience!

The course has been designed in consultation with both International and Australian Aviation Industry’s which means students receive high quality pilot training whilst learning about all aspects of modern flying including navigation, meteorology, flight planning and flight performance and loading.

Upon graduation students will have the core skills they need to ensure life-long learning in the constantly changing world of professional aviation.

Associate Degree in Aviation (Maintenance Engineering)

This course (scheduled to start in Feb 2010) prepares students for employment as airframe and powerplant maintenance engineers and affords the opportunity to broaden their perspective and ability to adapt to a rapidly changing industry.

It is designed to give an understanding of the maintenance practices of a commercial aircraft operator, especially in the setting of legal and commercial requirements.

At the completion students will have developed an understanding of the planning and operational aspects of aircraft maintenance in an airline context. The course also prepares students for the written, oral and practical examination controlled by Joint Aviation Authorities (JAAT) as well as provides managerial and communication skills needed for supervisory positions.

By studying an Associate Degree course at Swan TAFE you will be able to enrol in the 3rd year of a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Murdoch University.

Associate Degree in Aviation (Aviation Management)

Swan TAFE’s Associate Degree in Aviation (Aviation Management) is designed to provide students with an alternative, non-flying, professional career option, in the air transportation industry.

The course has been developed alongside industry experts in airport planning, design and management so students will gain a wide range of relevant professional skills and practical examples.

Swan TAFE’s expertise also allows students to broaden their understanding of the factors involved in the establishment and successful operation of an airport. The additional business units offered within the course are specifically designed to expand the range of management based employment opportunities for students, upon graduation.


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Australia Skills Shortage

Industry leader warns against skills shortage following economic downturn
Manufacturing industry leader Bill Stoddart has warned that reduced private sector investment in skills and training during the economic downturn could exacerbate the current skills shortage.

Mr Stoddart is Managing Director of a leading Australian metal manufacturing company Stoddart Manufacturing, chairs the National Industry Skills Committee and is Deputy Chair of the SkillsTech Australia Council.

He says the reasons for investing in skills and training have increased, not decreased because of the tough economic conditions.

The economic downturn has hit the Australian manufacturing industry hard, with the latest Performance of Manufacturing Index falling for the past six months. The Australian Industry Group says new orders have slumped to the lowest level on record.

Bill Stoddart says dramatically reducing skills and training in the manufacturing sector during the downturn would be a mistake.

"Stoddart's has always invested in skills since my father Tom Stoddart started the company in Brisbane in 1959. We are still here after 50 years and following a period of intensive growth, we supply products in Australia and overseas.

My father believed in developing the workforce, training apprentices and providing opportunities for tradespeople to go further. I just keep doing what Dad did.

During the economic downturn a company has to cut its cloth according to its budget but it would be foolish to shut down training and stop taking on apprentices.

Stoddart usually employs 25 apprentices a year. We debated the size of the intake and next year we are taking on 20 apprentices so we are moderating but not stopping.

To maintain a competitive advantage business needs a skilled workforce. But it's not just about being competitive. By investing in skills you retain your workforce. Investment in training produces a highly skilled and motivated workforce of staff who want a meaningful career."

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