Dog training the Australian way
By Comrad Austins

As a dog trainer I wished that one day I could see the world. I soon found out that I could be practicing my craft in Australia! As you could imagine, I soon jumped at this chance! The amazing part of this was that I actually didn’t have to pay for anything except for my plane ticket over there.

There was no setup fee; no other hidden charges and I got to stay with a family for free! They even gave me free food so it certainly was a great way to save money! I taught their dogs all sorts of tricks, from sitting properly through to playing dead! They certainly enjoyed the time and effort I put in to it! I got to see large parts of Australia that I never thought possible and met some amazing people as well! And on my return back home, I had some fantastic new references for my resume which certainly came in handy in the long run! I would have no trouble recommending doing a dog training job in Australia!

Search online now and find the best job for you. You cer

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