A trip to the Gold Coast wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the world famous theme parks! One of these theme parks is of course Dreamworld and it has some of the best, scariest rides you will ever come across in a theme park! From super fast roller coasters right through to some smaller rides for the kids, Dreamworld has it all! Some great attractions you will find at Dreamworld are:

  • Tiger Island, where you can get up close and personal with tigers and cougars
  • The Tower of Terror, one of the tallest and scariest rides in the world
  • The Claw, a giant rotating claw that will scare the pants off you!
  • Mick Doohan’s motorcoaster, a motorbike themed roller coaster for the speed enthusiast
  • Wiggles World, the only themed Wiggles theme park in the entire world!
  • Big 7 thrill rides, some of the already mentioned rides in this list plus others that will have you screaming your lungs out till you can’t speak anymore!

Right next door to Dreamworld is WhiteWater World which is a water based theme park where you can have fun on all kinds of water slides that will have you screaming even more! Whatever your time frame is, you can spend days getting the fun out of both parks so make sure you set your watches to FUN whenever you plan to visit!