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Griffith, the ‘Green’ University, Pioneer in Environmental Science

Since the day of its founding Griffith University is a pioneer in environmental science and was the first University in Australia that offered environmental subjects in a degree program. Since then, Griffith University is a leader in all environmental questions.

But the University teaches not only environment-specific thinking but also plans solutions and real world implementations. With financial support of A$ 21 Million granted by the Australian Government, Griffith University is currently building Australia's first teaching and research building that operates solely by a combination of photovoltaics and hydrogen (including hydrogen storage as metal hydride).

With total cost of approximately A$ 40 Million the Samuel Griffith building, will be completed in May 2013, is a pioneer and world-class example for environmentally sound construction and providing a real sustainable energy option for Australian and global community planning. The building generates its own power supply and will serve as a model for isolated areas, which cannot be connected to the general power grid. It is also a pilot project for safe and sustainable power supply in urban planning.

The construction of the building began in 2012 at Griffith’s Nathan campus and is a 6-Green Star Building. The new zero-emission and self-powered solar-hydrogen building has an exceptionally innovative design and reflects the strength of the University in the field of environmental technology. Griffith University has a strong focus on teaching solutions to solve problems of the 21st century.

Here, business solutions, engineering and technology as well as environment science are integrated around the concept of sustainability. The University offers a wide range of subjects involving environmental issues and many degree programs are offered in that area; for example environmental science, environmental engineering, sustainable tourism, climate change, climate change adaptation, sustainable tourism, architectural environmental design, environmental urban planning, environmental management (incl. environmental protection, natural recourses & pollution, environmental policies, etc.) as well as water science. Sustainable thinking is even included in business studies.

Through a unique MBA program, which teaches sustainable business planning, including economic and human factors, as well as environmental aspects, Aspen Institute named Griffith University’ MBA as No. 1 program in Australia and No. 26 in MBA degrees worldwide!

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