Long holidays in an expensive country like Australia means you must have a job at hand that will allow you to travel, enjoy, as well as earn your holiday expenses. Our website offers such an opportunity.

Become a Freelance Writer while Travelling and Reap Hefty Rewards
Freelance writer jobs are posted for those parents who love to holiday in the Outback, beaches, and cities in Australia with kids tucked in their arms. If you are wondering why you need a job, here is the clue: visitors must stay for a while to really enjoy Australia as it has many attractive spots in a multicultural environment. Sustain yourself and your family by taking up a part-time writing job.

You can:

  • Enrol your big kids to the jackaroo and jillaroo schools at the Outback while you churn out a wonderful anecdote for your travel diary.
  • Enjoy a trip to a caravan park. Allow your kids to have a day out at a idyllic farmland in Darwin or amusement park in Sydney.

Freelance writing jobs with us allow you to work at your pace. When you are free, just pen down memoirs of your holiday to Australia.

Why Freelance with Us?    
Our travel blog section is a perfect opportunity to involve your kids and use your writing talent to earn a living. Here’s how it works:

  • Register as a freelance writer in our blog section.
  • Log-in and write as you travel.
  • Upload day-to-day account, first-hand experience in our well-structured backend – your travelogue stays forever
  • Capture some fine photos and videos – allow them to go viral
  • Gift an album, memoirs of your holiday with your kids to loved ones

…And, our freelance writing jobs allow writers to make some money too! Here is how it works:

  • More readers for your articles will mean better and numerous adverts. You are given a commission for ads placed in your article’s web page.
  • Interesting travelogues go viral at social media sites. Your penchant for writing and travelling with kids is recognized.
  • Unique photos are bought by photo enthusiasts. They pay for pictures placed in the shipping cart.

…And more. Your kids can fondly read travel accounts when they visited Australia. You can be just anywhere on this earth, our freelance writing jobs gives you the opportunity to earn even when you are on the move or doing some other work. Our online forum also gives you the opportunity to chat with fellow freelance writers.

This writing job is just another world for you and your family. If you give your time and effort, it pays off too!

Are you ready to check our freelance writing jobs? Contact us if you are interested.