Get the qualification as a hairdresser and live in Australia!

Jobs for hairdressers are in high demand, hence the reason why they are currently on Australia’s Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL). Get your qualifications in hairdressing and learn the trade on-the-job in a hairdressing salon.

Hairdressers are in great demand at the present time so now is the best time to make an application.

ABOUT  the company:

A fully equipped hairdressing salon operates from the Company providing all industry services. As your skills develop you will per-form supervised hairdressing services to clients in this simulated workplace on a weekly basis.

This service provides a holistic approach which ensures that you have gained genuine simulated workplace experience and knowledge in a fully operational hair-dressing salon. The salon has EFTPOS facilities and a point of sale computerised software program which incorporates the cash register, client appointment bookings, client records, product data-base, reporting and more.

  • Open days first Sunday of each month by appointment.
  • An Exclusive Pivot Point Member School.
  • Accuracy Art Attitude Articulation

Established in 2008 with access to worldwide research and development of resources and educational strategies. The school offers intensive training in Diploma of Hairdressing Salon Management, Certificate IV in Hairdressing, Certificate III in Hairdressing and Certificate II in Hairdressing as well as apprenticeship training, refresher and advanced courses. Including Business Management, Session Styling and Long Hair Design. All enquiries welcome.

WRH30106 Certificate III in Hairdressing

  • 12 Months (approx) 45 weeks of study
  • Fees $24,628 (incl. of enrolment fee, compulsory health insurance, textbooks, resources and hairdressing equipment)  Non-refundable component—$3,948.

WRH40106 Certificate IV in Hairdressing

  • 6 Months (approx) 21 weeks of study
  • Fees $10,574 (incl. enrolment fee, compulsory health insurance, textbooks and resources) Non-refundable component—$2,874

WRH50106 Diploma of Hairdressing Salon Management

  • 6 Months (approx) 19 weeks of study
  • Fees $9,574 (incl. enrolment fee, compulsory health insurance, text-books and resources) Non-refundable component—$724

Further information on the Company’s Refund Policy is available in the Student Handbook for International Students.

  • Up-front payment options offer 5% off tuition fees.
  • Enrolment fee of $200 is paid once if enrolling in two or more courses at the same time.
  • Payment of all fees is in Australian dollars and must be made one month prior to the commencement of class.

The Company operates under a Code of Ethics that maintains high professional standards in the delivery of education and training services that safeguards the educational interests and welfare of all students. Full detail of the Code of Ethics is provided within the Student Handbook for International Students.


  • Demonstrate minimum English language requirements of IELTS 5.5 Academic module, with no individual band to be below 5.0, or its equivalent. Satisfactory evidence that English was the medium of instruction and assessment in secondary or tertiary studies maybe considered. Or a completed Senior High School or equivalent to the Australian Year 12 level of education with a sound achievement in English and Mathematics and/or successful completion of an Australian Qualifications Framework Certificate III or higher in any area of study requiring formal written communication and numeracy skills.
  • Demonstrate a keen interest in pursuing a career in the Hairdressing Industry.
  • Demonstrate a willingness and ability to undertake the study required to successfully complete the course.
  • Have a valid passport that covers the duration of the course that is chosen.
  • Agree to the policies and procedures of the Company
  • Must be 18 years or older prior to commencing study at the Company

Previous hairdressing experience is not required for entry into Certificate III in Hairdressing WRH30106. However, Certificate III in Hairdressing WRH30106 is a prerequisite for Certificate IV in Hairdressing WRH40106 and Certificate IV is a pre-requisite for the Diploma of Hairdressing Salon Management WRH50106.

The company has a strict Code of Conduct which all students are required to abide by. The Code of Conduct is outlined in full within the Student Handbook for International Students. Any student who does not comply with the Company’s Code may have his/her enrolment cancelled or suspended which may affect student visa requirements.

  • provides an avenue for most issues to be addressed.
  • the availability of complaints and appeals processes, does not remove the right of the student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws or under the ESOS Act 2000 or relevant state laws.
  • independent body available for referral if needed.
  • full policy is provided within the Student Handbook for International Students

Certificate III in Hairdressing
WRHCS201A     Prepare clients for salon services
WRHCS202A     Maintain tools and equipment
WRHCS204A     Maintain and organise work areas
WRHCS205A     Follow personal health and safety routines at work
WRBCS201B     Conduct financial transactions
WRBCS203B     Provide service to clients
WRHCL302A     Colour and lighten hair
WRHCL303A     Design and perform full and partial highlighting techniques
WRHCL304A     Perform colour correction
WRHCR302A     Perform chemical curling and volumising services
WRHCR303A     Perform chemical straightening and relaxing services
WRHHC301A     Design haircut structures
WRHHC302A     Apply one length/solid haircut structures
WRHHC303A     Apply graduated haircut structures
WRHHC304A     Apply layered haircut structures
WRHHC305A     Apply over-comb techniques
WRHHD303A     Design and apply short to medium-length hair design finishes
WRHHD304A     Design and apply long hair design finishes
WRHHS301A     Apply the principles of hairdressing science
WRHHS302A     Consult with clients and treat hair and scalp conditions
WRRCS1B         Communicate in the workplace
WRRER1B          Work effectively in a retail environment
WRRLP1B          Apply safe working practices
WRRS1B            Sell products and services
WRHHC306A     Combine haircut structures on women
WRHHC307A     Combine haircut structures for traditional and classic designs on men
WRHHC308A     Design and maintain beards and moustaches
WRHWP302A    Operate effectively as a hairdresser in a salon work team
WRRS2B           Advise on products and services

Certificate IV in Hairdressing

WRHCL305A     Perform on scalp head and re-touch bleach services
WRHCL406A     Solve complex colour problems
WRHHC410A     Design and perform creative haircuts
WRHHD304A     Design and apply long hair design finishes (elective in Certificate III)
WRHHD406A     Work as a session stylist
WRRER2B          Coordinate work teams
WRRLP3B          Maintain store safety
CUVPH105A       Use a 35mm SLR camera or digital equivalent
WRHHD405A     Select and apply hair extensions
WRR15A            Maintain and order stock
BSBSBM407A     Manage a small team

Diploma of Hairdressing Salon Management

WRHSM501A     Manage hairdressing services and sales delivery
WRHSM502A     Promote a hairdressing business
BSBFLM507A     Manage quality customer service
BSBFLM509A     Promote continuous improvement*
BSBSBM404A    Undertake business planning*
BSBSBM406A    Manage finances*
WRRO3B           Provide a safe working environment*
WRRO9A           Lead a team to foster innovation*
WRRPM2B         Recruit and select personnel*
WRRPM3B         Lead and manage people*

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

  • apply for RPL on the basis of work experience or other accredited training you have completed.
  • need to provide the Company with a detailed resume and reference from your employer.
  • meet with the relevant trainer to discuss your application and/or undertake a skills test to confirm your competency.
  • application forms are available upon request.


  • for all new students in the week before the commencement of classes.
  • it is compulsory to attend.

required to attend a minimum of 80% in each semester.

Class Times
8.30am – 12.00pm / 12.45pm – 4.00pm

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