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High Schools in Northern Territory

It is well established and regularly offers positions to international students.

All Northern Territory high schools meet a high standard of teaching, curriculum and facilities, with their own character and individual approach. There are a wide variety of subjects and elective choices within every school. High school Northern Territory education is split into 2 levels.

Middle school, which is grade seven till nine, and Senior high school, which is years ten till twelve. Completing schooling in Northern territory offers students the chance to progress into further education in Australia. After completing related courses the student will be awarded the Northern Territory Certificate of Education (NTCE), which is a certificate of completion.

They have plenty of teachers per student, as the Student-teacher ratio in NT is the lowest in Australia. NT also has a very diverse population, especially with its high number of Indigenous students. With these two factors, education in the territory is extremely encouraging, motivating and a great learning experience.