Holmes Institute March 2021 Promotion

Holmes Institute Faculty of Higher Education

  • Still Enrolling for 4 more weeks! Trimester 3, November 9th
  • Online Classes with No exams
  • Now Enrolling March 22nd 2021


Full Time/ Cross Institutional

Limited space available


  • Corona Support Scholarship of 15% off for Students who enrol in 4 subjects
  • NEW Corona Support Scholarship of 10% off for Students who enrol in 1-3 subjects
  • Masters of Information Systems Launch Scholarship to continue ($2,100 per unit)
  • $500 tuition relief to all current students who will be re-enrolling for November semester
  • $1000 deposit plus $250 registration fee available for COE to be issued for both intakes



  • Masters of Information Systems*
  • Dual Degree MPA + MBA
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Bachelor of Professional Accounting
  • Bachelor of Information Systems*
  • NEW Course MBA Professional (2 years)
  • Graduate Diploma in Business
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing, Management, International Business)


15% discount on tuition

All students, current and new. Must take a full load of 4 units and pay for 4 units. Payment plan is OK. This does not include students with 2 FOC scholarship or students undertaking fewer units than 4.


$500 credit

Current students enrolled in T2 who clear T2 fees by October 30th. This is available to students doing any number of units in T3. It is not available to students who have suspended T2.


$1000 deposit + $250 enrolment fee to get COE.


Please note a payment plan will be in place as always. For students to commence their course they will need to either have paid full fees or signed the payment plan form and paid the administration fee of $220.


*Melbourne only.