Getting home sick in Australia  

Being on the other side of the world can no doubt make you home sick, so what do you do if you find yourself missing your own country? Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Take something with you that will remind you of home. It could be some soft toy that signifies a local animal, a book on your country or something personal that will make you feel better. Think about how long you will be in Australia for and how much of an issue it can potentially become.
  • Go online and stay in touch with your home country by reading up on the news back home. It may sound simple but being in Australia you will soon realise how much potentially you can miss out on. A few websites to visit during some down time can help provide you with some much needed relief.
  • Speak to your friends and family often! This can be over the phone or via the internet, but do it enough so that you are always in constant communication with them.
  • Ask the family you are staying with if you can cook a traditional meal from your own country. Food is something that you will find you can miss quite easily so by staying in touch with local cuisine you can allow yourself to fill a slight void in your home sick heart.
  • Take photos with you! You may be surprised at how quickly you can miss the face of your loved ones so bring a few with you that you can look at from time to time. You can also do the same by finding their pictures online through various social networking sites.

You can't stop yourself entirely from being home sick but a few simple steps can easily prevent you from letting it take over your life. Try your best to do what you can and you will make your stay in Australia easier for everyone involved!