Immigration to Australia from South Africa

Immigration to Australia from South Africa

Australia – The Preferred Destination

A suitable job opportunity, friendly culture, and spacious environment have made Australia a prime spot to resettle, especially for immigrants from South Africa. In the last part of 20th century, many professionals in South Africa chose Perth as their destination to resettle for life with their entire brood. Today however, a lot has changed as South African immigrants have moved to various other parts of Australia and not just Perth. Statistics show that only 20 percent or so immigrants have been residing in Perth. Each year, a considerable number of Africans shift their base to the country in need for better living conditions and earning capabilities.

Not only in the job sector but also in education the scenario is quite bright. Availability of many courses in higher studies and job-related courses has led youngsters and students to travel to Australia in a bid to carve out their future in the country. According to the South African Network of Skills Abroad (SANSA), similarity in the geographical conditions and architecture has also been a congenial force to drive the migrants from South Africa.

Skilled Immigration Australia and Visa 457
Australia has got quite a number of South African skilled immigrants who have bagged top executive positions in various companies. The banking sector for instance has seen quite a number of African born immigrants who have worked their way from the scratch to reach the top. The average salary provided to skilled migrants from South Africa would be around 70,000 AUD. The native Australians would have to compete with the foreigners to reach the top.

Better salaries, job-satisfaction, professional environment, and recently upgraded 457 Visa have been some of the basic reasons why efficient people make a move to come over to Australia from Africa. The 457 Visa now allows immediate family members of the migrant to stay on in the country on a temporary basis for the next 4 years. It also allows the migrant to seek financial assistance from the employer in case there are medical expenses. Often, the return trip is also reimbursed by the employer as per the new 457 Visa.

Job Prospects and Money Earning Capabilities
Apart from a series of measures taken by the Australian government to attract skilled migrants from South Africa, there are other reasons too why par excellent skilled workers are still entering the country to settle permanently. A shortage of skilled workmanship has created many vacancies in the field of engineering, medical science, mining, design work, information technology, and defense. There is also a short-supply of hairdressers, welders, accountants, and people required for transport.

To immigrate to Australia, the migrants must understand and communicate in English. South Africans not only have this quality, they can also mingle with cultural and social ethos in the country. Strong GDP and powerful social contacts have made South Africans to settle successfully in Australia.

Top businesses at Sunshine Coast in Queensland or industrial projects at Tasmania and Gold Coast have created suitable jobs for skilled immigrants from South Africa. Numerous clubs and social associations have also come up in recent times to allow South African immigrants to bond well among one another in the country. All this and much more have made African immigration upbeat endeavor.

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