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Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, is situated in the north of the continent on the Timor Sea. It's closer to many South East Asian capitals than to Canberra and it has a youthful, multicultural population of over 120,000, making it the largest town in the NT. Tropical, with a Wet and a Dry season, Darwin is a springboard to World Heritage areas like Kakadu, and the city's layout encompasses ecological parks and the Botanic Gardens.

Government service employs about 60% of the city's workforce, with a strong Australian Army and UN presence, and there is a thriving offshore oil and gas industry, along with the mining of gold and other metals, as well as a thriving tourism industry.

The indigenous Aboriginal presence is higher in Darwin than other Australian capitals, at over 9%, and a further 20% or so of residents have origins in South East Asia, Europe and the UK.

This makes for a diverse linguistic and cultural mix reflected in the arts and crafts, the cafes and the festivals. The Dry season is perfect for outdoors activities while the Wet is known for its green lushness. Wet or Dry, if the tropics appeal, there's no place like Darwin.

Internship Darwin - Internship in Darwin
Internship Darwin - Internship in Darwin