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Internship in Sydney

Internship in Sydney

An Internship in Sydney the capital of New South Wales. Sydney is a vibrant cosmopolitan and multicultural city built around Port Jackson and Sydney Harbour, where the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge remind visitors of the creativity, energy and practical know-how of this city's people.

With almost 4.2 million residents, the city is the country's largest and the most common ancestries are Australian, English, Irish, Scottish and Chinese in a mix that also includes Southeast Asian, the Middle Eastern, European and Indian therefore making an internship in Sydney very multicultural.  

This is reflected in the religious, arts, culture, retail and restaurant scenes, with many performance events and festivals to excite you and engage your interest.

Sydney's economy is built on business and finance, health and community services, information technology, tourism, manufacturing, higher education and government service, spread over this sprawling metropolitan area of over 400 square kilometres.

This economy provides around one quarter of Australia's GDP, with large national and multinational corporations making their mark on business and commerce.

City beaches north and south of the Harbour, a ring of national parks orbiting the city, and a thriving, diverse range of entertainment options provide much to enjoy from nature to nightlife, from exercise to the arts, making it one of the world's most liveable cities.

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We offer Internships in Sydney including:

  • Accounting Internships
  • Aged & Disability Care Internships
  • Architecture Internships
  • Business Internships
  • Computer Sciences Internships
  • Culinary Arts Internships
  • Engineering Internships
  • Environment & Sustainability Internships
  • Events Internships
  • Finance Internships
  • Food & Beverage Internships
  • Front Office Internships
  • Hospitality Management Internships
  • Human Resources Internships
  • Information Technology Internships
  • Journalism Internships
  • Marketing Internships
  • Mathematics Internships
  • Public Health Internships
  • Science Internships
  • Tourism Internships
Internship Sydney - Internship in Sydney

Internship in Sydney - Gain Work Experience in Sydney

As the multicultural hub of Australia, looking for work in Sydney, as someone from overseas you will find there are many options for you. Having a second language as well as a grasp of the English language in Australia is a huge advantage. Australian Internships are one of the best ways to get work experience.

As there are many suburbs in Sydney where there can be a huge population of immigrants. Such as what is known as China Town, trying to find work here without knowing Cantonese or Mandarin would be near on impossible.

When you first come to Australia it is best to talk to our Sydney Information centre, they will help you with the skills you will need to find work in Sydney as well as help you with English and translators if need be they can find you a course provider so you can learn English.

After you learn these skills, the language school will help you with Resume's and Cover Letters for you to give to a Job Placement organisation who in turn can help you to find work.

There are many places where jobs are advertised and many different kinds of work, these placement services will help to find you mostly permanent full-time work to help get you off Centrelink payments for the unemployed.

If you are not looking for Full-Time work then it is easy enough to apply for casual or part-time work in stores or casual work as fruit pickers during harvest season is usually readily available.

Always remember to check your visa and make sure you are allowed to work in Australia and ensure you have an Australian Tax File Number. If you check these items then you shouldn't have any trouble entering the Sydney work

Greetings from Sydney!

It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you our new Job Ready Package for clients who are interested in improving their business communication skills as well as gaining work experience in Australia.

Our package combines three important components.

  • Intensive course in communication for the workforce
  • Internship placement in a professional area
  • Assistance in job placement through our network of recruiters

Whether you are interested in gaining work experience for your career path or for migration to Australia, our Job Ready Package is designed to solve the problems that many candidates encounter.

The IELTS requirement for most universities is between 6 and 6.5 but this is not sufficient for the workplace.  Therefore we have introduced a package that combats all the issues - from communication to work experience.  If you are looking for a brilliant career in an English speaking work environment, this is the answer.



All our applicants are screened and assessed to determine their eligibility in the program. We assess applicants’ levels of English (both spoken and written) as well as their level of motivation to ensure that only genuine candidates apply for this program.


The Communications for Career Success course at Performance English is designed for professionals who need to improve skills in communication such as presentation, writing, telephone, meetings and cultural awareness. This course can be taken before or during the internship. We recommend a few weeks of this course before commencing the internship as it provides valuable training in on-the-job situations.


An internship in a professional field is a great way to develop skills in a work environment. The type of internship depends on the chosen field or career path and includes Engineering, Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing, Media, Hospitality, Tourism, Graphic Design and many others.


On completion of the internship, there are interviews arranged with recruitment firms who specialise in placing candidates into professional positions and many of our recruiters focus on specific industries to ensure that the right positions are found. This entire package is ideal for starting off a career by providing an introduction to business protocol, communication and work experience. This is your key to a great career in either your home country or your new adopted country – Australia.


  • Four weeks of Professional Business English (full time = 20 hours per week)
  • Eight to twelve weeks of internship (either during or after the course)
  • Materials and introduction kit for the course and internship
  • Job placement assistance through our recruitment network

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