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One of the aims of AA Education Network is to create global citizens who can move across cultural borders with ease and confidence, displaying an empathetic and informed response to other cultural groups throughout the world, while providing international students with the best that Australia  has to offer as a country.

So if you share in the same philosophy as AA Education Network then maybe literature is the perfect study option for you on your journey through Australia. Literature is universal and all countries in the world have a literary tradition or some form of it, and receiving a Bachelor of Art in English Literature in Australia could open up doors to becoming a student of the world and a successful and informed global citizen.

A Bachelor of Art in English Literature could also open up the door to a career in education or journalism, creative arts, publishing, film and television etc… The study of literature would also be perfect for many potential journalists bringing a depth to the matter of fact style of journalistic writing that would give them an edge over other student’s merely studying journalism.
The options for a competent English literature student are nearly endless and when combined in a double degree or double major with another area of study can make you a well sort after person with a brimming future and a tremendous sense of satisfaction.

It has been widely accepted in recent years that there is more to management and the management of employees than crunching numbers and it has become widely accepted that liberal arts students (including English Lit majors) maybe the key to a more successful working environment, being taught as students to think outside the square that they live in.

As a part of the English major at most universities in Australia it is par for the course that student’s learn to read between the lines of a text, putting it in its correct cultural and social setting. And the ability to do this has shown to be of tremendous assistance in the world of management. The study of Literature has the ability to foster an empathetic attitude in many of its students and a Literature degree studied in Australia as part of a Bachelor of Arts course will help a literature student in becoming a fuller and better-rounded person with a higher degree of emotional quotient that is needed in today’s high stress marketplace. The study of literature is no more the area of study for starry eyed romantics and the pursuit of a career in the world of literature is as tough as any other career in the world, with relatively few being amazingly successful. So a student needs, passion, drive, good business sense, and a desire to produce excellence.

As part of a Bachelor of Art course majoring in English Literature an international student will gain an understanding of all different forms of literature, their history and how to study them in an analytical and scholastically competent way bringing a deeper appreciation of the world of words and how they apply to our understanding of the human condition.

The English language is believed to have 800 000 words with roots in six different other languages including Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Anglo Saxon, Celtic, and French. And is the native tongue of many of the great writers throughout history including Chaucer, Shakespeare, Steinbeck, Orwell, Buck and a list of others that are to numerous to mention here. English literature covers many medium, but the two best known are poetry and prose writing. Both are studied in Australia and throughout the English speaking world. But it is only in Australia that you get the opportunity to study literature in an environment that has so much to offer.

And if you need to learn the English language before you begin studying it in a literary sense then you are in luck because AA Education Network has access to many of the best English language schools in Australia where you can brush up on the technicalities of the language before you go into a university course. You can show the university that you want to study literature at that you are competent to do this by doing an IELT (English for International Opportunity) exam that is administered in Australia and the United Kingdom by three internationally recognized bodies that assist 1.2 million people annually in 6000 institutions in 120 countries. The IELTS exam is measured in four key areas (writing, speaking, reading, and listening) and sits for 3 hours. To complete the exam successfully it usually takes 3 months of hard language work at an English language school that

AA Education Network has a portal on AA Education Service will assist with this) and have the discipline to complete a three-year degree at an Australian university. And would of completed the IELT exam successfully then you are on your way to studying literature at an Australian university and broadening and deepening your understanding of the human condition that goes beyond just getting a job. It means becoming a fuller and hopefully better person.

And AA Education Network will help you to achieve this goal because it is the philosophical inspiration behind what AA Education Network is all about. So contact them today and see if a friendly and professional AA Education Agent can help you to fulfill your dreams.

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