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The study of mathematics dates back to prehistory and there is an argument amongst mathematicians about the reality of mathematics in actuality. If the symbols and/or formulas created by mathematicians is by-product of the natural order or simply rooted in the human mind.

But regardless of the ultimate reality of mathematics it is an accepted fact that pure mathematics and applied mathematics have greatly assisted people in navigating the natural world and building upon it both theoretically and physically. Mathematics has been figuratively called the ‘queen of the sciences’ and all scientific disciplines and many artistic disciplines are based on tools developed by mathematicians throughout history. Mathematics is subdivided into four basic categories and they are: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and analysis and these four divisions are dedicated to the study of quantity, structure, space, and change. So if you are a person who has a love of ‘elegant theory’ and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of mathematical problems then you should consider doing a mathematics degree in Australia at one of the (roughly) 35 mathematical departments across the county that have undergraduate courses in mathematics.

AA Education Services can help you achieve your goal of studying mathematics in Australia with their consistent, professional, and caring help that has marked AA Education Services as a leader in the field of assisting international students in their goal of achieving a globally recognized Australian university degree.

AA Education Services will help you with all documentation including student visas, translations, English language courses and IELTS exams, on line 24hr virtual support via email and up to date web guides that cover all aspects of Australian life including: finances, transportation, accommodation, social life, and other areas of Australian cultural and economic life. While giving you the opportunity of writing your own travel blog that will help you develop and improve on English language skills. AA Education Agents who are the frontline of AA Education Services are professional and friendly people who delight in making international students citizens of the world who can cross cultural borders with confidence and empathy.

The services that AA Education Service provides are:

assistance with applying for the course of your choosing.
advice on IELTS.
assistance with application forms, including visas and translations of appropriate documents.
24 hour online support via email while you are in Australia.
assistance with visa aplications.
OSHC information.
guides on Australian life.
assistance with accommodation and other living expenses.

And all of this free of charge!

AA Education Services will give you an answer back within 24hrs of applying to an Australian university about doing a mathematics degree.

So, if you want to study mathematics in Australia then AA Education Services can help you. AA Education Services can help you choose the type of degree that you want to do because in Australia there are multiple degrees you can choose from. Some of the degrees are purely mathematical in scope and deal with applied mathematics, pure mathematics, and statistics. Others are a part of a combined degree and can be done in tandem with business, economics and science. While other undergraduate programs only deal with applied mathematics and the tools of pure mathematics in solving real world problems.

As stated before, there are roughly 35 mathematical departments in universities throughout the country and Australia has many mathematical fellowships and societies that you can become a member of if you choose too. Australian universities also have post graduate programs that you can complete a dissertation with in about 25 mathematical departments across the country. So you can do most of, and (probably) all of your study in Australia if you would like too and AA Education Services can help you with all aspects of doing this with the help of their productive and considerate agents.

And if you would like to become a teacher then you can do a combined mathematics and education degree in Australian universities, or you can do a diploma in Education (or something similar) when you have finished your bachelor course. Australia is in dire need of good math’s teachers and students with teaching degrees or a graduate diploma in education are recognized throughout the world with many students being recruited straight out of university by corporations wanting people holding Australian degrees heading up their classrooms.

But if you would like to become a math teacher in Australia then this is the process you will have to follow to teach in an Australian secondary (high school) institution:

Gain the relevant qualification (BEd) or complete Bachelors program and then complete a Graduate Diploma in Education.
As a holder of a BEd in Australia you will have to have two majors in teaching to be allowed to teach in Australia.
Become registered with the teaching registration board in the state that you want to teach in.
Apply for a job. If you want to teach in the private sector then you will have to have an appropriate ID card. But if you want to teach in the public sector then you will have to sit for an interview with a panel of Education Department staff for a suitability review that includes an oral examination of how you would handle different scenarios that could arise as a teacher throughout the course of the day. This examination is to see if you have the suitable skills to handle being a teacher.
After this suitability review you will receive a rating, S1 means you can teach anywhere in the state and will be offered employment immediately. S2 means you will have to wait a few weeks before a placement is found for you. S3 means you will have to take whatever is offered. And S4 means you will have to comeback at another time when you have developed your aptitude as a teacher a little more.
Understand the operating rules that each state has. And remember that you have the opportunity to join a union although you do not have to it is wise for legal reasons to do so.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you do love the elemental nature of mathematics and see it as being as much an art form as a science then AA Education Services can help you develop your knowledge of mathematics in Australia. A leader in educating international students.

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