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Medical Education in Australia has undergone changes in the past decade that are similar to those seen in many other medical schools, with earlier contact with patients, the use of problem-based curricula, self directed learning and increasing emphasis on community-based education a medicine moves increasingly out of hospital mode, especially for disorders of the aging.

Medical education standards are overseen by the Australian Medical Council. It accredits medical schools and assures standards in that role. It is also responsible for the oversight of registration of oversea-trained doctors.

To gain entry to Australian medical schools you are advised to access their websites as each one is different. Some of the undergraduate schools use a common moderating examination UMAT (Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences Admissions Test) while entry to the graduate programs requires successful completion of GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test).

Entry increasingly is being modified by what is found at interview with the prospective student.Students from all over the world study medicine in Australia, especially from the USA and Canada. Famous for its high quality medical schools, Australian universities are excellent value for money compared to medical schools in the US, the UK and Canada: tuition in Australia is much cheaper. Good reason to come and study medicine in Australia!

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Australia is recognized as a leader in the study of medicine and Australian practitioners and researchers have made a contribution to the science of medicine throughout the world. This includes luminaries like the Nobel Prize recipients: Howard Florey / Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet / Sir John Carew Eccles / Peter Doherty / Barry Marshall / and Robin Warren. Medicine is also one of the most respected professions in the country with several doctors and surgeons becoming ‘Australians of the Year’ and others receiving other high honours that have capped off an exceptional career in community service or research.
Australia is a fine, developed country to study medicine in, with its exotic beaches, great wildlife, moderately priced economy and real estate, low crime rate, multicultural society, and excellent facilities.

You will feel at home right away.

Although it is difficult for international students to get into a medical degree program in Australia there are places that are awarded to the best and brightest from around the world. Entry into Australian medical schools is extremely competitive and only the best potential students in Australia and throughout the world are given the opportunity to study in one of the many schools situated in all state capitals: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, and Perth.

And if it is not possible for you to study a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) then it might be possible for you to enter another health related field like nursery, physiology, physical therapy, or biology. It is also possible for you to enter into a MBBS program after you have completed a Bachelor of Art program successfully. Although most people enter into the 5 to 6 year long MBBS program straight from high school.

Australian medical degrees are accredited by the Australian Medical Council. Australian medical degrees also allow undergraduate student’s opportunities to interact with patients earlier in their study program then other countries do and you are allowed to specialise earlier in your program as well, that gives Australian MBBS programs a distinctive advantage. While graduate programs in medicine will take an extra four years to complete successfully.

A graduate program in medicine will allow you to study one of the subspecialties in surgery like: general surgery / transplant surgery / trauma surgery / cardiovascular surgery / neurosurgery / maxillofacial surgery / orthopedic surgery / otolaryngology surgery / plastic surgery / oncological surgery / vascular surgery / and pediatric surgery.

The above list is a small example of what can be studied in a post graduate program in Australia and you can specialise in multiple fields in Australia and throughout the world with an MBBS degree that is recognized globally.
Australia is a leader in the study of medicine and with its safe, friendly, civil and sophisticated culture then there really is no reason to study anywhere else.

Medicine is an ancient study, although initially it was more magic than science. Medicine men and shaman’s dealt with the issues of illness in the communities where they lived and the results were mixed. In the book 1000AD in Anglo Saxon England the writer talks of a hospice in that period and talks in detail about the emphasis on patient’s emotional and spiritual needs with fondness and laments the fact that this is missing from the modern practice of medicine, while reminding the reader that the cure for nearly everything in those days in Western Europe seems to be leeches. Medicine over the millennia has lost its shamanistic roots and has evolved in to a hard science and the society is a lot better off for it. Hippocrates is recognized by most medical scholars as the ‘Father of Medicine’ in the Greek culture, a root culture for European civilization. And India, China, and Egypt had medical traditions that dated back over thousands of years also. But it was the Greek thinker ‘Galen’ who gave the study of medicine a rational approach that under girds the achievements of the past 500 years. Other contributors to medicine have been Abulcasis, the father of surgery, Avenzaar who first attempted experimental surgery, Rhazes who was the father of pediatrics, and Ibn Al Nafis who discovered circulatory physiology.

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Help with accommodation and advice on living expenses
Guides on Australian life that include finances and transport
Help with OSHC

And when you do contact them they will give you an answer within 24hrs of applying at the university to see whether you were successful or not in achieving your goal of studying in Australia. AA Education Services offers this assistance and 24hr online virtual support via email and access to up to date web guides on all aspects of Australian life free of charge. Yes! Free of Charge!

So if you want to begin your career as a doctor or medical professional in Australia then AA Education Services are the people to contact to get you on your way. AA Education Agents offer professional and courteous help 24hrs a day and have detailed information on all aspects of Australian university life.

AA Education Agents are friendly and committed people who desire to give you the best experience of Australian university life, while you soak up the unique Australian way of life with fantastic beaches, great nightlife, and sophisticated multicultural society, with great national parks, friendly people, easy going and laid back society, inexpensive accommodation, and wonderful weather all year round.

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