Playground Safety

Making Playgrounds safe for your child
It's always important to allow your child to play as much as possible and places such as playgrounds and play equipment are great spaces for your child to have fun and develop as they grow. However it is also always a possibility for your child to injure or hurt themselves whilst playing on this equipment so it's always important to try and maintain a level of safety when you are with them and watching them play. Here are some tips to keep that safety up.

  • Always make sure you are supervising your children when they are playing on equipment. This really is the best way to make sure your child is playing safely and that no injuries will occur. If you see your child in the potential of danger than you should step in and ensure they stop playing dangerously. Prevention is always the best method of preventing any type of injury.
  • Go around the play equipment to source out any potential dangers that may arise from your child playing on the equipment. These may come from lose parts of equipment that can cause tripping, high objects with no safety cushion should they fall or just some other general form of danger that you think could be a problem. If you aren't entirely 100% sure about your children playing on the equipment, go to another playground.
  • Make sure your children are dressed appropriately for the play time with proper shoes and clothing on. You don't want clothing to get caught in equipment or shoes to be destroyed and cause your child damage in playing so always make sure they are wearing proper clothing before allowing them to play.
  • Teach your children about the best and safest ways to play and not allow them to do anything dangerous. This can come from not allowing your children to shove others on swings or jump from a high distance, just whatever you see reasonable in protecting your child.
  • Make sure that the areas your child will be playing at are age appropriate. Don't let them play on equipment if it is designed for older children. This could potentially lead to serious injury if not correctly observed. Always look out for signs around the playground and if there aren't any clear signs then you can always contact your council for clarification.