Queensland College of English

Queensland English Language Schools

When it comes to language learning, nothing beats immersion. English learners and students who wish to teach the English language will find plenty of options in Queensland.

With a range of general and specialized English courses, flexible enrollment times, and multiple skill levels, there is something for everyone!

Available courses include General English, Business English, English for Academic Purposes, International examination prep courses, Training for English Teachers, and "English Plus" courses that combine language learning with specialized sport or professional programs.

Queensland's language schools boast modern language and multimedia laboratories, university-qualified instructors, individual study and library facilities, and plenty of interaction and practice with people from across the globe!

Study English in Queensland!

AA Education Network offers a broad range of options for you to experience Australia while you study English.

We have campuses in different locations throughout Queensland, so you can choose whether to live in the city of Brisbane or near the beach in Cairns or the Gold Coast. You will enjoy Australia not only for the great warm weather but also the warmth of its people, the beautiful landscapes, the relaxed cosmopolitan lifestyle and of course the opportunity of living in a multicultural society.       

Queensland Campuses

Your learning adventure could start at one of our Queensland Campuses, where you will be taught by highly motivated and experienced teachers. Our courses go from beginner to advanced levels and cater for students of all learning backgrounds, skills and interests.

Our campuses are surrounded by breath taking landscapes and our teachers make sure students receive fun, innovative teaching and learning methods. Our facilities are equipped with language laboratories, multimedia, video & library facilities to provide an enhanced learning process.  

Scope and Quality of courses

Our innovative courses are heavily regulated for guaranteed quality assurance hence having the highest quality standards in language training. We have very strict regulations in terms of size of classes, qualified teachers, curriculum, teaching methods and strategies and materials.

Given that we are here to help make the best of your stay, we offer flexible programs so as to meet your needs and abilities. If you wish to take your studies a step further, you will be able to combine your learning experience with recreation and / or social activities, all you have to do is tell us and we will do the work and organising!

English Language Tests

Our courses also offer internationally recognised English language tests such as the IELTS -International English Language Testing System; Cambridge examinations and TOEFL -Test of English as a Foreign Language.

Our formula to success is ‘Study + fun’

Our courses are unique in that not only you will learn or improve your abilities in English but you will also have the opportunity to combine Language learning with special sport or social activities so you could combine surfing, scuba diving, golf and tennis with your English course or with work in a wide variety of flexible options that fit your needs and schedule.  

In which courses should I enrol?

Our English courses in Queensland have been carefully designed to meet your specific needs and interests. These may include ‘Direct Entry English Pathway’ (DEEP); General English, Academic English (including IELTS), Preparation course for Cambridge Examinations, English and Sport; English and Au Pair; Short Term Programs. All you need to do is decide and then send us an email or call us.