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Top Ten Tips to Make Student Travel in Australia Fun and Affordable

Student travel can be profitable, entertaining, and safe. Plan well in advance. Here are some tips for young international students who wish to travel in the country:

  1. Cheap airfares – Group travels, student discounted flights, early bird discounts, and all-inclusive airline tickets help you to save money, travel safely and comfortably.
  2. Travel insurance – The policy must cater to travel mishaps, medical requirements, or theft of documents. Addressing pre-departure formalities, such as visa update, information on accommodation, travel insurance, and documents also helps.
  3. Travel discounts and cards – Arranging International Student Travel Confederation (ISTC) cards allows you to avail discounts on transport and entry fees.
  4. Bus and rail cards – Picking such cards would allow you to get huge discounts. Monthly passes can fetch 35 percent discounts.
  5. Study tours – Especially at the universities, study tours are common. You may be required to undertake underwater scuba diving to work on marine life or photography.
  6. Exchange programs – High school students or students at a polytechnic can taste Australian culture safely by undergoing student exchange programs. You can travel to host institute and take part in service projects.
  7. Work travel and study – Working at luxury yachts and plush resorts, fruit picking, packaging at wineries, and farming are few of the work-cum-travel options for youngsters. Aim during the rush when such jobs are found in abundance.
  8. Adventure travel – Visiting the Outback as Jillaroo or Jackaroo can fetch you a memorable stint at a ranch.
  9. Travel and volunteer – Working at NGO, teaching kids on voluntary basis, or working at Wwoof organization allow you to travel as a student and acquire work experience and learning.
  10. Accommodation – Looking for apt accommodation can help you save money. Homestays, student hostels, backpacker’s inn are affordable and safe accommodation for you. If you can work part-time as a pet sitter or Au Pair, you can avail complimentary meals and stay.

Student travel discounts and earning options change from time to time. Contact us to make your trip entertaining, safe and affordable.

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