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Teaching is one of the most important and respected professions in the world. And in one sense we are all teachers in one capacity or another through directly instructing others or through osmosis. Where humanity would be today without teachers is anyone’s guess but I am reasonably confident that we would all be a lot poorer for it.

Teaching has been lionized in film, television and in literature throughout time and we have all had the opportunity to study under exceptional teachers at a primary, secondary, and tertiary level throughout our schooling years and many of us may still be in touch with some of those influential others that brought new understanding and a different way to perceive what is going on in our world and how to interact and apply that understanding with confidence and skill.

Australia offers some of the best undergraduate and postgraduate teaching qualifications in the world that are respected both locally and globally. With many foreign companies recruiting people with Australian teaching qualifications straight out of university. While Australia needs a new generation of teachers with qualifications that emphasise skills in the teaching Mathematics, Science and Senior English (secondary).

So the possibility of having a great career with an Australian teaching qualification is an opportunity that you cannot pass up if you have a passion for teaching people. The spectrum of Australian teaching courses and appropriate qualifications is exhaustive and it is possible to find nearly any combination of degrees that have an education component in many of Australia’s respected tertiary institutions like vocational colleges and universities.

For an international student in the process of acquiring a degree in Australia and is thinking about studying teaching then you can complete your original degree and then complete a Graduate Diploma in Education (2 years) to make yourself ready for the education sector. While an undergraduate student can complete a 4 year Bachelor of Education at any university across the country.

AA Education Network is a leader in helping international students get the appropriate qualifications that they need for an excellent career in teaching in Australia and New Zealand and throughout the world.

AA Education Network will assist with finding the appropriate study program and will assist you with acquiring the appropriate documentation for a successful student visa application with the Australian Federal Government. While offering 24hr virtual support via email when you are in the country and assistance with finding appropriate accommodation, transport, online lifestyle guides via their website and any other need that you may have while achieving your educational goals in Australia free of charge.

So, the world is your oyster!
So, what are the steps to becoming a teacher in Australia?

If you do not want to return home and want to teach in Australia after you have completed your degree then you will have to follow a six-step program after graduation to continue your career.

Gain the relevant qualification (BEd) or complete Bachelors program and then complete a Graduate Diploma in Education.
As a holder of a BEd in Australia, you will have to have two majors in teaching to be allowed to teach in Australia.
Become registered with the teaching registration board in the state that you want to teach in.
Apply for a job. If you want to teach in the private sector then you will have to have an appropriate ID card. But if you want to teach in the public sector then you will have to sit for an interview with a panel of Education Department staff for a suitability review that includes an oral examination of how you would handle different scenarios that could arise as a teacher throughout the course of the day. This examination is to see if you have the suitable skills to handle being a teacher.
After this suitability review, you will receive a rating, S1 means you can teach anywhere in the state and will be offered employment immediately. S2 means you will have to wait a few weeks before a placement is found for you. S3 means you will have to take whatever is offered. And S4 means you will have to come back at another time when you have developed your aptitude as a teacher a little more.
Understand the operating rules that each state has. And remember that you have the opportunity to join a union although you do not have to it is wise for legal reasons to do so.

But if you do not desire to be a teacher in Australia then remember that you have an excellent degree from an Australian university that is accepted throughout the world. As stated before it is possible to be recruited straight out of university in Australia by foreign institutions because they want Australian trained teachers heading up their classrooms.

But the best part of studying a teaching qualification in Australia is the country itself. Australia is one of the safest countries in the world and with low crime, excellent parks and reserves, friendly and upbeat people, fun travel destinations, glorious beaches, excellent and internationally recognized educational institutions, great nightlife, unique culture, and the best weather on the planet then Australia is the only option to seriously consider in your pursuit of academic excellence and the shot at a rewarding career shaping the next generation of global citizens.

Here are some of the degree combinations you can study in Australia on your way to becoming a teacher. Please remember that this is only a partial list and your AA Education Agent has all the up to date information about teaching courses in Australia and with a consultation with you can help you make the right choice for your educational needs.

But I have put some of these courses here because I think it will give you an understanding of the breadth of study options that are available to you in Australia. As an international student studying teaching in Australia, you can specialise in a wide range of teaching specifications. The three most common are Pre-school, Primary school, and Secondary school. Pre-school is for children from 3 to 8 years of age, while primary education emphasises the 5 to 12 bracket and secondary education is for students in the high school years of 12 to 18 years of age with an emphasis on 1 or 2 disciplines appropriate for lower and upper secondary students.


Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Physical and Outdoor Education, Bachelor of Education in LOTE (AUSLAN), Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Science Education, Bachelor of Arts (Outdoor Environmental Education), Bachelor of Educational Studies, This is a fraction of the list of undergraduate teaching course you have on offer in Australia. If you would like to approach anything close to getting a full range of undergraduate teaching course options then speak with an AA Education Agent and they will more than ably assist you in the course selection process.


Once again! This a partial list and the intention of showing you it is to get you to realize that there are many teaching courses in Australia that could help you develop your career. Master of Teaching, Master of Teaching (Primary), Master of Teaching (Secondary), Master of Teaching (Mathematics Education), Graduate Diploma of LOTE Teaching, Graduate Diploma in Deaf Studies, Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, Graduate Diploma in Education (Middle Years), and the list goes on, including a Doctorate in Philosophy (Education) etc, etc…

So to become a teacher in Australia or study teaching at an Australian institution then you will have had to complete year 12 or the equivalent in your home country and have the appropriate financial resources to study in Australia full-time that is required on Australian student visas, have the appropriate documentation for a student visa and translations of those documents in English (AA Education Service will assist with this) and have the discipline to complete a four-year degree at an Australian university. So if you have this and possess the qualities and passion associated with becoming a teacher get into contact with AA Education Network because they can help you fulfil your dream.

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