Great Southern Railways offers you one of the world’s longest and greatest train journeys: The Indian Pacific. The journey across Australia, leaving Perth at the Indian Ocean, to arrive in Sydney at the Pacific Ocean covers 4352 kms.

Departing Perth from the west coast on Wednesday you will arrive in Sydney on the east coast on Saturday. Along the way you can see unique landscapes and spot the fascinating wildlife.

In the treeless plains of “The Nullabor” the longest straight stretch of railway track is travelled, it covers 478 kms. There are several stops on the journey: Kalgoorlie, the famous goldmining town, Adelaide, the capital of South Australia and Broken Hill in New South Wales, before arriving at its destination.

At all stops you have the opportunity to enjoy an optional off-train sightseeing tour. An additional stop is in Cook. It is a remote outpost on the Nullabor Plain with a population of 2, which is only used as a water stop.

3 different kinds of service are offered on the train:  The Gold Kangaroo Service, The Red Kangaroo Service Sleeper Cabin and The Red Kangaroo Service Daynighter Seat.

With the Gold Kangaroo Service being the equivalent of First Class on a flight and the Red Kangaroo Daynighter Seat being the equivalent of Economy Class, it gives everybody the opportunity to choose from the service they prefer and can afford.

Stephanie Schröder