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Travel writer jobs in Australia can be far broader and rewarding if one has a venturesome outlook. There is an unusual niche that can be filled while touring this amazing continent and that is as an on-line writer for organizations such as AA Education Network. Whether you are an 'aussie' or a tourist from overseas, if one combines a vacation with a sense of pleasure in sharing, an income can be obtained by writing and submitting ones adventures and travel tips encountered. Sounds easy yet it only requires a lap-top and the readiness to give-forth of ones own travel experiences. Tips and information on: what you packed for Australia's hot climate, meds, vaccinations, which states you saw, what you experienced, how the locals treated you, the food, the climate, all are of great interest particularly to those from overseas planning to visit. In truth being a travel writer in Australia is almost too easy because almost all one sees and encounters is totally different from any other nation on earth- indeed things can be bizarre. Remember, only the crocodiles of the Northern Territories have examples elsewhere in the world (although Australia's salt-water crocs are the largest on earth!) everything else is unique to this amazing land: kangaroos, koalas, Tasmanian Devils, Echidna, Frilled Lizards and many species of parrots to name a few. What better way is there to enjoy a vacation than to happily share your visit and get paid for it as well! Apply here!


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Australia, the famous huge red continent, is packed with sightseeing attractions.
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To travel Australia and see all its beautiful spots surely takes a lifetime! When you have a tight schedule though, you might prefer to travel Australia by plane (International Flights to and from Australia).

Australian airlines connect all major cities, allowing comfortable and quick travel through Australia. However, when you have some time left und prefer to explore Australia’s wonders at a unhurried pace, then you should definitely travel Australia by bus, by rail or by car.

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