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Voluntary Work, such as Wwoofing helps travellers to work and learn more about new aspects in Australia. Not only students studying botany or biology, but nature lovers, travellers, holidaymakers, and gardeners opt for voluntary work at farms in Australia. A culturally friendly ambience in Australia will allow you to enjoy your work as well as travel to the places you’d love to visit. If you can make the best use of your time you can connect your travelling expedition with your work and learning. Wwoofing or working at organic farms – mostly on a voluntary basis – is quite common among travellers who come to Australia. Holidaying for a considerable length of time is not that easy. Many international travellers look for a working holiday to spend a long holiday at a place. Voluntary Work at Farms If you are an enthusiastic worker and keen to work in the fields at the countryside of Australia, here is your chance to enjoy a working holiday by wwoofing. The candidates must work for only 4-to-6 hours per day. In exchange, they get free accommodation and meals. They are allowed to mingle with the natives, check out the farmlands, and visit various countryside spots of Australia. You learn bio-dynamics, permaculture, and organic plantation. Working on Eco-Project Quite similar to wwoofing, there are projects which require volunteers to work on an eco-project. For instance, if you are visiting a bird sanctuary, you may be told to count eggs, plant trees, or build nesting spots for the species. There can be surveys where you can be asked to give a helping hand. Common projects include seed collection, fencing, beach cleanup, animal conservation, protection of heritage spots, salinity and erosion control activities, and path construction. You can earn a satiating holiday if you are a good worker. Generally, environmental projects are for 2-4 weeks. Those who are not sure about the process will be taught as well. Such voluntary work when done with care, gives you the scope to earn a work experience certificate. It helps you to learn about nature, ecology, and sustainable development. Teaching While Travelling In Australia, many visitors are hired to look after kids who study through correspondence or a distance learning scheme. Known as Au Pairs, the visitors need to only monitor the kid’s learning. The course work is sent online. For volunteering for such work, the Au Pair is given free accommodation and meals. During the free time, the Au Pair can study a course. This can be an English learning course or one dealing with animal care or farm work. You may find such offers at the Outback. In many areas where parents are out-of-home during the major part of the day, the Au Pairs help the kids at home. Student Exchange Programs You may have to visit Australia on a student exchange program. The idea is to exchange cultural thoughts, interact with fellow students from Australia, and learn certain skills. English learning is quite popular in such student exchange programs. The students will not get paid for some work they need to perform while on this program. They may work on hospitality or animal care sector. Do you want to work and study in Australia? If you need suggestions or opportunities to volunteer and study peacefully in the country, let us know.