Australia Road Rule

Australia Road Rule

On the road

  • While travelling in outback Australia, you are advised to drive on the left hand side
  • Driving at night in the outback is not advised.
  • In remote outback towns, be wary of Aboriginal people on the road who may not be easily noticeable.
  • In search and rescue situations, do not abandon your car. This could save your life!

Driving on a dirt road in Gregory National Park, Northern Territory

Photo courtesy of Northern Territory Tourism Commission

  • Drive safely - observe any speed limits


Be wary of stray animals on the roadBe prepared for unexpected contingenciesTake breaks while on the road

Dry areas.

Alcohol free zones may exist in a few Aboriginal reserves and select areas around Cape York. Having or consuming alcohol in these areas is strictly prohibited. Obsefve the dry area rule and avoid being fined unlike many other tourists. For more information about dry areas, please visit or dial 1300 789 000 for the latest on dry areas and other restricted sites.