Cairns State High School

Cairns State High School overview


Since 1917  Cairns State High School has served and will continue to serve the diverse needs of generations of Cairns

families. The school has a reputation for academic excellence supplemented by outstanding achievements in the areas of Music, Performing and Visual Arts, and Sport. Cairns SHS is committed to developing flexible, innovative programs which are responsive to the needs of students in a rapidly changing environment.

The development of high quality vocational programs, the integration of technology into all aspects of learning and the focus on delivering an international curriculum are current examples of this commitment.

2 reasons to choose Cairns State High School

  • There is a range of sensitive and responsive student services including English as a Second Language support. These ensure a safe and supportive school environment for all students.
  • The school is strongly committed to developing Internationalism across the school.


Cairns State High School is in the heart of tropical Queensland. Cairns is home to the Great Varrier Reef and lush tropical rainforests.

School History

The school's origins date back to 1917, making it the oldest school in Cairns.

Why Study at Cairns High?

The school offers you a unique learning experience in tropical and scenic Cairns.


All subjects taught at Cairns State High School incorporate multimedia and Information Technology.

International Students

Cairns State High School offers international students homestay and pastoral services.


  • Aerospace studies
  • Excellence programs
  • Marine and aquatic studies
  • Multimedia studies
  • Photo-imaging studies
  • Recreational studies and tourism


  • Centre of Artistic Design fashion parade
  • Charity events
  • Dance and drama evenings
  • International trips
  • Swimming and Athletics Carnivals
  • Instrumental music
  • School musicals
  • Rock eisteddfods
  • Formal parades


  • German
  • Japanese


  • Performing arts centre
  • Five art studios
  • Sports complex
  • Swimming pool
  • Recording studio
  • 12 school buildings and 37 classrooms
  • 11 practical art rooms

Other highlights

Cairns SHS was awarded international accreditation in March through the Council for International Schools. The school is currently seeking accreditation to offer the International Baccalaureate.