Daintree Queensland

This World-Heritage listed rainforest is over 135 million years old, and is the largest rainforest in Australia at approximately 12,000 square kilometres. The diversity of plant and animal life in the Daintree make it a precious natural resource and never-ending source of important scientific discoveries. The traditional owners of the region are the Wujal Wujal people and several tour operators specialise in educating and informing visitors on traditional cultural practices, fishing methods and searching for bush tucker. There are a large number of approved walking trails around the Daintree such as Mossman Gorge, Jindalba Boardwalk, Marrdja Botanical Walk and Dubuji Boardwalk, as well as the beautiful Wonga Beach at the coastal edge of the rainforest. Visitors might be lucky enough to encounter rare tropical marsupials, birds and even fresh-water crocodile along the banks of the Daintree River.