Home Safety Checklist

Checklist for Home Safety

Every single room in your home can present numerous dangers to your children. We have put together a list for you which will allow you to go through each of your rooms and cross off each of these which are safe in the rooms. Be thorough with each room and don't leave anything to chance!
General Household

  • All floor coverings are flat and have no tripping hazards
  • There is a barrier in place to stop falls happening near stairs and high up places
  • There are no railings that children could easily climb upon
  • There are safety plugs plugged in to all power points in which a child can reach
  • All poisonous houseplants have been removed from your home
  • All heaters and fans have safety guards in front of them
  • Furniture that may fall upon your child are secure and will not risk being tipped over
  • Your dog is constantly monitored and cannot play with your child without the correct supervision
  • Extra long cords are not visible or accessible and/or have been shortened
  • All emergency numbers have been placed in an easy to reach and remembered place
  • You have arranged an escape plan in case of a house fire and educated your children in fire safety

Lounge room

  • The heating system is guarded and safe
  • All power points that need covers have been covered
  • Furniture with sharp corners have had safety caps put on them
  • Cords from blinds have been placed out of reach for children not to reach them
  • Glass doors have safety film on them and safety stickers on them as well
  • All mats and rugs have non-slip backing on them
  • Hot drinks are always placed out of reach from children
  • Heaters are kept far away from curtains and drying clothes
  • Alcohol is placed away in a cupboard that is child proof
  • Safety guards have been placed on heaters that are wall mountable
  • Cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays and matches are all out of reach of children

Laundry & Bathroom

  • A device has been installed to monitor water temperature of below 50 degrees
  • Child restraint tap covers have been installed
  • All items that are poisonous as well as all medications have been safely stored away
  • Items such as razors and hair dryers are not accessible by children
  • The bath always empties straight after being used
  • The bucket full of nappies is closed tightly and out of reach
  • All mats and rugs on the floor have non-slip protection
  • Electric floor heaters are in a safe position and not causing any danger


  • All appliances have had their cords shortened or out of reach of all children
  • All handles on stoves are turned away from children so they can't reach up and grab them
  • Dangerous items such as knives and matches are firmly put away so children can't get to them
  • Plastic bags are stored away and tied up so children can't access them
  • Fire blankets and fire extinguishers are all easily accessible in the event of an emergency
  • The microwave is out of reach of the children
  • All poisonous material is locked away
  • The high chair is stable and includes a harness
  • The kettle is out of reach of the children

Child's Bedroom

  • Cords on all blinds and curtains are out of reach
  • Everything you will need to change the child is close to the change table
  • Rails on the cot are a safe distance apart, around 50 to 85mm
  • All toys are close to the child without them needing to reach or climb for them
  • All toys are in top condition and are age appropriate
  • There is a nightlight installed
  • If bunk beds are being used there are railings to prevent falls
  • Medication in the room is not in sight of the children
  • All furniture has had sharp corners made safer
  • Any appliance with cords have been safely put away or shortened


  • All pesticides and dangerous chemicals have been placed away out of reach to a child
  • All drowning hazards such as fish ponds and paddling pools have been drained or are closely monitored
  • The pool or spa has been correctly fenced to Australian standards
  • All play equipment is safe and in good condition
  • There is padding on the ground should the equipment be higher than 500mm
  • There are no tripping hazards on pathways
  • All statues and garden ornaments are concreted in or secured to prevent tipping
  • The play area is a safe distance away from the driveway
  • There are no poisonous plants in the garden
  • All branches have been properly maintained and away from eye level

You should always write down any extra hazards you find and ensure that they are properly controlled.