Australian Wildlife

A true Australian icon. The Kangaroo is famous all over the world and is uniquely Australian. There are 60 different types of Kangaroos found all over this great land.

Kangaroos are herbivores living of native vegetation, they can be found living in the desert, tropical regions, rural areas and even on islands. All Kangaroos have long and strong tails, equally strong hind legs and smaller front legs. As marsupials female Kangaroos carry their young in their pouch, here they live safely until they are big enough for life outside of the pouch.

Indigenous Australians once used Kangaroos for survival they would eat the meat of the animal and use their skins for clothes and blankets, this is a trend which is starting again today. With many Kangaroo farms being set up, it has been found that Kangaroo meat is high in protein, zinc and iron. Farmers and commercial hunters must be licensed with the Australian Government, if you are found hunting a Kangaroo in Australia without a licence you will be fined with a possibility of a jail sentence.

Many Kangaroo's have spread across Australia, with farmers seeing them as pests. It is only the rare Tree Kangaroo which is on the endangered species list, this is due to decreasing numbers because of loss of habitat.

Not only are Kangaroo's facing the threat of habitat loss, in many cities across Australia Kangaroos have fallen victim to acts of horrible cruelty. The infamous Kangaroo Boxing tape placed on the internet of a human punching and kicking a Kangaroo, sent shock waves across Australia! Since then there have been cases of Kangaroo deaths, killings and decapitation of animals in parks and golf courses across Australia.

The RSPCA have been very active in ensuring these acts of violence will not happen again, it is illegal to harm a Kangaroo in Australia those who do so will face cruelty charges including fines and a jail term.

It is time to start actively protecting this beautiful Australian icon from further harm.