Leeming Senior High School

Leeming Senior High School Information

Leeming Senior High School enjoys a positive reputation, both for the excellent educational opportunities it offers and for its high standards of achievement and behaviour. Students are encouraged to achieve personal excellence in all aspects of the curriculum and to interact with each other and with the wider community in a positive, constructive and socially responsible manner. Our school motto is 'Harmony and Excellence'.

Leeming Senior High School is located in the suburb of Leeming within the City of Melville. Leeming is approximately 20 kilometres south of the beautiful city of Perth’s central business district and about 12 kilometres east of the historic
port and city of Fremantle.



  • French and Japanese


  • Science and Technology Academy (STA) - The specialist Science and Technology Academy explores science in its pure and applied forms for selected students. The course challenges students to investigate and explore science and technology in an integrated and relevant program. The Academy has a collaborative arrangement with Murdoch University and Challenger TAFE and provides a boost to future careers in science and technology.
  • Academic Extension program (AEP) - The program introduces selected students into an environment where the delivery of the curriculum is flexible, stimulating and designed to meet the learning needs of academically able children. Students in AEP work in one group for English, mathematics, science and social studies. The program provides an excellent base for a fine academic career at Leeming Senior High School.
  • Performing Arts - Leeming Senior High School enjoys a reputation for excellence in the performing arts. This reputation has been built upon the creativity, enthusiasm and dedication of students and teachers. Students of dance, drama, theatre and media are provided with a wide range of opportunities to perform to an audience, often by invitation. The staging of a school musical theatre production is a developing tradition.


Leeming Senior High School is currently developing its ESL Program for implementation.


The program provides individual assistance for students to enable them to achieve appropriate levels of literacy to support their secondary school studies. The program fosters a climate where every student is encouraged to reach his or her potential. The volunteers are community members who give their time to assist students.


The team consists of the Deputy Principal Student Services, Year 8 Coordinator, Year 9 and 10 coordinator, Year 11 and 12 coordinator, school psychologist, Year 8 and 9 SAER coordinator, Year 10, 11 and 12 SAER coordinator, school nurse and school chaplain. The team undertakes a wide range of programs to support students in all aspects of their school lives.