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We inform you about your Salary in Australia.

Many job consultants provide pay calculators to help people to identify their salary structure. While many opt for the market rates, some look for job profile and number of working hours as perks instead of a salary hike.

During a job hunt, salary management is a very important factor that helps you to find your dream job. However, is salary everything that one must judge before taking up a job? How to pick the optimum salary for yourself? Experts have some answers to these queries.

Identify Your Need
Many experts opine that salary is not the only earning potential of an individual worker. Key factors that determine the earning capacity include options to...

  • Get jobs that are satisfying and motivating
  • Perform independently in projects
  • Command the number of working hours
  • Look forward to other perks, such as migration, etc.

Just as these non-pay alternatives looks attractive, don’t forget to analyse the minimum amount of money you will accept as your salary and the amount you will be happy to get along with. Ask yourself whether you will be able to take up an alternative perk, say a training session or lesser number of working hours.

Seeking the Australian Salary You Need
During a job interview, it is vital how your deal with salary negotiation. Often, you may not get the option to specify your terms, such as in the case of an entry-level job or paid internship program. Salaries can be already finalized by the employer.

However, when the employer asks you directly about your expectations, you need to give a specific answer. The way you answer this tricky question is the key to your getting the job. Many job seekers give a salary range, while some give an average expectation. There are few who give a higher one. But often, they are also keen to relent to the opinion of the employer.

Knowing Your Worth and Company’s Worth in the Market
Salary expectations in Australia can be met by the company only when the latter is capable of paying its employees. You must check the company’s net value, turnover, and financial conditions before finalizing on your salary expectations. You must also assess your value, job capability, and employer’s expectations as well.

Remember, all employers don’t hire people who are only interested in a salary hike. Businesses flourish only when there is a combined need for an increase in salary, perks, work conditions, and so on. Other benefits, such as upbeat business moves, changes in job profile, and promotions are aspects which must be taken into account if you are a true professional.

Approaching Salary Negotiations
Many experts feel that it is a correct method to be forthright in one’s expectations. If you are not sure, say that as well. You may also seek a reply on your salary from the interviewer himself. Although it is not advisable to be aggressive during your job search, you can be frank in your expectations.

Today, business management degree holders command a good salary range in the market. Skilled migrants in mining, engineering, construction, consultation, IT, law, HR, marketing, healthcare, and science and technology get a high pay scale.

Do you still have questions regarding pay structure of a particular job profile? Write to us for counselling and information.

The current minimum salary in Australia is $18.93 an hour, or $719.20 a week.