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Study in Adelaide

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Having a Mediterranean climate has made Adelaide a popular destination for visitors. The Adelaide administration has made education accessible to international students at all levels. The learning is also industry-based and vocational courses are linked with job-oriented training and internships.

International Education
For instance, many schools providing primary or secondary education also provide technical education that will allow students to study in colleges or TAFE institutes. There are many schools that are International Baccalaureate (IB) certified as well.

Some international universities also have constituent colleges located in Adelaide. And, many universities in Adelaide have their study centres in foreign countries, such as in Singapore.

Ranked among the top world class institutes, education providers in Adelaide have a prestigious place in the international market.

Extensive VET Providers
There are many certified VET providers that offer courses accepted in the global market. In fact, these institutes can easily substitute traditional university learning. Key areas where vocational education has become a powerful learning opportunity are culinary and food science, hospitality and tourism, business and community welfare, hairdressing, English language, and engineering.

From vocational education, you can either start work in the related industry or study further at a university. Various specialized management courses allow students to learn the ability to manage one’s business independently. The students studying vocational courses are also encouraged to participate in fests that are held all-the-year-round. These opportunities allow a fresh graduate or diploma holder to know the tricks of the trade.

Industry-Based Training
Top universities and vocational institutes have been providing industry-based education, professional internship programs, and hands-on workshops. For instance, you can find clinical labs hiring trainee nurses who have completed their Diploma in Nursing. The skills are recognized worldwide.

Similar internship programs are available for those studying beauty care, marketing and communications, and Information Technology courses. Many universities in Adelaide have tied-up with corporate majors to ensure students who successfully complete their programs join as interns in the company.

The internships include Professional Year Program where professionals in various fields work for a varied length of time, such as from 12 weeks to 6 months. Students studying auditing services and financial management also work for some weeks at an auditing firm.

Long-Established Education System
Study in Adelaide is a popular for international students as there are long-established institutes that provide a robust career to the international students. Industrial opportunities are many that help students to get jobs as interns or trainees.

Along with a firm education policy, the city also has bountiful of festivities, affordable shopping malls and eateries.

In short, the atmosphere is attractive and friendly. Additionally, the cost of living does not pinch your pocket. If you are planning to make your career in Australia, Adelaide can be a suitable place to start.

For useful career opportunities and study in Adelaide programs, check with our student counsellor for details.

Overall, South Australia is a great place to study. The people of Adelaide enjoy a laidback lifestyle and are very friendly. They are also particularly fond of the outdoors and sailing. So, whether you enjoy a slower paced lifestyle, historical towns, an art-centered - cosmopolitan social scene, or world-class education facilities, Adelaide is a great place to be.

Reasons for studying in Adelaide

Adelaide is an excellent environment for study. A medium sized city of about one million residents, the city is home each year to some 23,000 international students from all over the world who come here to further their education.

Adelaide is set on a coast of white sandy beaches and a backdrop of ancient hills. The mild Mediterranean climate makes Adelaide a favourite venue for major cultural and sporting events. Enthusiasts flock each year to see the Tour Down Under cycling event, international cricket matches, and a V8 Supercar street race. Those seeking culture will already know about the famous Adelaide Festival of Arts, annual Adelaide Fringe Festival, Cabaret Festival, Guitar Festival and many others. Adelaide is often referred to as the Festival State.

If you want to take a break from study, or the vibrant city life, there are surf beaches, renowned wine regions and beautiful outback getaway locations less than an hour’s drive from the city centre.
South Australia is a major centre for industries in mining and engineering, defence, and car manufacture. Education and the wine industry are also very important to the city’s economy and character.

Students enjoy ease of transport and very reasonable living and accommodation costs compared to cities on the east coast of Australia.

Education is rapidly becoming an important part of the Adelaide economy, with local government subsidising the cost of improved educational facilities to market Adelaide as a ‘Learning City’. Adelaide has the largest number of International Baccalaureate schools in Australia and in 2008, recorded 23 000 international students living within the cities borders.

The University of Adelaide is the third oldest university in Australia and is a part of the Group of Eight, a ranking similar to the Ivy League schools in America. The University of Adelaide was established in 1874 following a 20 000 pound donation from local grazier and copper miner William Watson Hughes. The university today has a strong focus on agricultural studies.

The University of South Australia has four metropolitan campuses in Adelaide and two regional campuses in nearby Whyalla and Mount Gambier. It offers studies in Education, Art, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Business, Information Technology and Engineering.

Flinders University is nearly half the size, but has a worldwide reputation as a leading research institution with a focus on innovation.

Adelaide also has several international foreign universities. The Heinz College Australia is an international campus for the Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, America, and was the first foreign campus to open in Australia. Cranfield University in England established a postgraduate campus in 2007. In 2010, the prestigious University College London will start offering postgraduate courses at an Adelaide campus.

Adelaide universities provide a high quality education against a beautiful, scenic backdrop.

Study in Adelaide

Adelaide Schools

Public Schools in Adelaide have an excellent reputation. In recent years there has been a steady increase in International student attendance due to excellent support services such the improved English Language learning facilities. The affordability of school fees and quality control of international student education is also an attraction for International parents.

Most children begin school in Australia at age 5, however the Department of Education and Children’s Services (DECS) in South Australia require compulsory school attendance from 6 to 15 years of age.

Government schools, or public schools as they known here in Australia, typically have Primary and Secondary/ High School campuses located separately. School times are generally from 9am through to 3.30pm, with the academic year beginning in late January for 4 terms of about 9-10 weeks each. Holidays usually range from 2-6 weeks and are at the end of each term. Public schools in Adelaide, if not already on holiday, also break for public holidays such as the Queen’s Birthday and Labour Day.

Most suburbs in Adelaide have public schools but when choosing a school you should consider public transport access, English language support, after hours care and availability of extra curricular activities such as sport and music.

After hours care is provided for a few dollars by some Primary schools from 7.30 to 9am and after school from 3.30 to 6pm. Vacation care is also offered during school holidays at a day rate of AU$20-30.

In Adelaide there are a number of public schools offering the New Arrivals Program (NAP) for children born overseas who speak little or no English. The program usually lasts for one year.

Tuition fee’s for International Students range from $3,500 for primary school children (reception to Year 7) to $4,500 for secondary school children (Year 8 to Year 12). Both local and international parents are required to also pay a school materials services fee each year. This helps pay for books, pens and other school materials – the fee ranges from $200 for Primary students and $600 for Secondary/ High School students.

The facilities found in Adelaide public schools are often excellent. Sporting grounds and equipment are well maintained with many sporting activities on offer including football and netball amongst others. Music, the arts and IT are also offered and well catered for.

Private Schools in Adelaide

Adelaide’s private schools have an excellent reputation for providing outstanding education opportunities. There are over 96 private or non-government funded colleges and schools in Adelaide and South Australia regional areas. Of these, 36 accept international students. Some private schools have a religious affiliation, but some are otherwise officially autonomous.

Private institutions cater for national and international students. There are both co-educational (boys and girls) or single-sex schools (either boys or girls) for primary and secondary education. Boarding is also available at some schools. Though the majority of private schools have both full-time boarding and weekly boarding (returning home on weekends) as well as day students.

Usually private school secondary and primary education is on the same campus, unlike government schools where they are separated. Private schools are expensive when compared to State or Government funded schools, though usually less expensive then the Independent sector.

Over 90% private school students are accepted into tertiary education colleges or universities. There are several advantages of private schooling for international students including the special programs to improve English language proficiency, extra curricular activities including sport and community activities and of course the boarding facilities.

There are also tertiary education private colleges based in Adelaide specifically for International students. At these colleges you’ll earn qualifications in fields such as IT, manufacturing, design, health & beauty, tourism/ hospitality & business management and community welfare to name but a few.

Adelaide is an important educational centre in Australia. A large number of foreign students study in Adelaide as they find the city affordable, culturally friendly, and full of opportunities to study and work.

There are many colleges that offer vocational programs, internship-based courses, and various study pathways. Flexible education system allows students to either study part-time or study full-time. No wonder, Adelaide has earned itself a name as a “learning city” of Australia.

Personalized Mentoring
Adelaide colleges have career counselling sessions where the counsellors provide insight to all courses taught in the college, facilities available in the campus, workshops offered during the course, and job placement opportunities offered to students after the completion of the curriculum. The experienced teachers mentor students and provide personalized training to each.

Job-Friendly Courses
Private institutes in the city offer vocational courses for students who successfully pass their high-school curriculum. These vary from Certificate courses to Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, and Bachelor Degrees. At the end of the curriculum, students generally get a hands-on experience and practical training in the industry.

Pathway to Study in Australia
In Adelaide colleges there are options to study foundation courses, English preparatory courses, and English program for academic purposes. These are required for students who don’t have adequate qualification to study in the colleges.

Those who don’t have the required proficiency in English study English preparatory courses. Many require studying a bridging or foundation course before taking up the main course.

Learning and Entertainment
English schools offer different types of English learning courses. Some are for learning general English while many are specialized courses. Entertainment or cultural exposure is a part of the education imparted by these institutes.

Don’t be surprised if you are required to go on a surfing trip or trekking expedition with the team. You not only experience a hilarious outdoor trip but also learn the practical way to express yourself in English.

A Friendly Association
Almost all Adelaide colleges provide accommodation for international students. There are student welfare cells that address student’s personal needs while staying in Australia. They also help in job placements, educational as well as recreational tours, student exchange programs, and outdoor education.

Today, Adelaide is a busy city that hosts numerous festivals, carnivals, and fests. Out of thousands who participate in them, students constitute a remarkable number. While studying in various private colleges, vocational institutes, and TAFE, the students also participate in these events to gain knowledge and practical experience.

If you are planning to study at a popular college in Adelaide and want to know about useful courses that suit your needs, write to our student counsellors for details and suggestions.

Universities in Adelaide

Adelaide’s universities have long been a favourite amongst International students. The universities have some of the most aesethitically beautiful architecture with stunning classical buildings. And the superbly manicured and natural surrounds make for the perfect study environment. The high standard of education, variety of courses and professional teaching make Adelaide universities amongst the best in the world.

There are 3 main universities in Adelaide, one of which currently enrolls in excess of 19,000 students, including 4,500 international students from more than 90 countries.

Numerous courses are offered including business, law, engineering, agriculture, sciences, dentistry, music, humanities, IT, arts and teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

At some universities in Adelaide you may also be eligible for an exchange program whereby you may attend a university for one or two semesters and earn credits towards your degree at your home institution.

When it comes to affordability, accessibility and quality of life then International students will not find a better place to study then Adelaide.

Technical and Further Education or TAFE institutions provide a variety of tertiary education courses for gaining skills and practical experience to confidently enter the work force. TAFE colleges generally give qualifications up to the level of advanced diploma, though some courses do have a bachelor’s degree qualification.

There are many courses that can be completed in a matter of weeks whilst others require years. For example a general English language course can be completed in 10 weeks, whilst a Bachelor of Business will take 3 years.

South Australia TAFE (which includes Adelaide) courses cover most of the major industry groups. There are over 800 courses covering the Arts, Building, Business, Community Services, Health & Education, Computing & IT, Engineering & Mining, Food Processing & Wine, Hair & Beauty, Hospitality & Tourism, Agriculture, and Recreation & Sport.

There are other options available to those not wanting to study by conventional methods. This includes participating in vocational education and training while you’re still at school, earning an apprenticeship or traineeship, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or choosing from a variety of short courses.

TAFE provides a wide range of services to assist international students whilst studying including accommodation, child care, language support, libraries, student ID card and counseling.

In Adelaide you will never have to travel far to find a campus, as there are over 50 campuses in the South Australian TAFE system. They are located in the Central Business District and scattered throughout the surrounding suburbs. Just imagine studying the wine industry whilst in the heart of one of Australia’s best-known wine regions, the Barossa Valley!