Study Commercial Cookery in Australia

Cookery Course in Australia

In Australia there are many different commercial cookery programs available to international students, all which aims to train and prepare you through class and practical experience, which takes place either in a school workshop or one day a week in a company, depending on the edcaution provider.

By gaining a globally recognised Australian education, you will be able to stand out from your competitors and fulfil your future career goals. Also note, the occupations Chef and Cook are listed on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

With so many institutions offering cookery courses, it can be difficult to choose a provider that suits your needs. Our team of qualified education counselors have over 16 years experience helping international students study in Australia and all things involved including visas, application forms, courses, credits and life in Australia.

Information about Cookery Courses in Australia

Note: Packaged courses are available and often offer significant savings in cost. Contact us to find out more about the cookery courses on offer and special prices.

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

Using a blend of classroom learning and practical experience, the Certificate III in commercial cookery course provides you with essential skills needed for the industry under the guidance of experienced chefs.

You will learn the skills required in food preparation (poultry, meat, seafood, vegetables, dairy, fruits), desserts (cakes, pastries), menu planning and costing, basic knife skills, basic methods of cookery, teamwork, sustainable work practices, food hygiene, food safety and OHS.

Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

The Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery course is the next level up from Certificate III.  Again, using a blend of classroom learning and practical experience, you will develop extensive practical and theoretical knowledge both as a qualified chef and patisserie chef.

Diploma of Hospitality Management (Commercial Cookery)

This qualification is suited for you, if you use a broad range of hospitality skills, combined with sound knowledge of industry operations and wish to further your existing skills and knowledge within the hospitality sector. You may operate independently or have the responsibility for others and make a range of operational business decisions.

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management (Commercial Cookery Stream)

This qualification is suited for you, if you use a broad range of hospitality skills, combined with sound knowledge of industry operations and wish to further your existing skills and knowledge within the hospitality sector. You may operate at a senior level using substantial industry knowledge and wide-ranging, specialised managerial skills. You will operate independently, take responsibility for others and make a range of strategic business decisions.

Bachelor of Culinary Management

If you want to run your own restaurant or food and beverage establishment this is the course for you. You will develop the necessary skills to be a manager of a dining establishment such as day-today activites, strategic planning, marketing, and development of the business, ensuring the restaurant operates efficiently and profitably while maintaining the highest standards of food and beverage service, hygiene and safety; all while striving toward creating a fantastic experience for your customers.

Vocation Courses

  • Completion of the equivalent of Australian Year 10; and
  • An IELTS score (academic) of 5.5 with no band score less than 5.0 or equivalent.

Bachelor Degrees

  • Australian Year 12 or equivalent; and
  • Academic IELTS 6.0 (no band less than 5.5) or equivalent.
  • Chef de cuisine
  • Kitchen manager
  • Restaurant manager / owner
  • Sous chef
  • Unit manager (catering operations)
  • Executive Chef
  • Executive Sous Chef
  • Chef de Partie
  • Hospitality Entrepreneur
  • Operations Manager

Why Study a Commercial Cookery Course in Australia?

  • Part-time employment is common in this industry, making it ideal for students.
  • Chef is listed on Immigration’s Short, Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). This means immigration has identified Chef and Cook as an in-demand occupation in Australia, therefore there are possible permanent residency outcomes.
  • Australia is recognised for providing and producing highly skilled chefs.
  • Chefs have a high proportion of full-time jobs and high chance of finding employment.
  • Hospitality is a very large employing industry.
  • Opportunities are great for all age group..
  • You’ll learn practical skills through practical experience, giving you the chance to test out your theoretical knowledge. .
  • Instructors have current experience in the cooking industry


Potential careers and salaries upon completion of course:

Head Chef: AU$52k - AU$82k per year*
Executive Chef: AU$56k - AU$107k per year*
Sous Chef:AU$51k - AU$70k per year*

*sourced from


How do I get started?
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Study Commercial Cookery in Australia

Can I stay in Australia longer after completing a commercial cookery course?

Temporary Graduate Visa

Anyone who completes vocational training in Australia for more than 2 years (certificate / diploma), which is on the "Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)", but needs a "bridging time" for a permanent visa, may qualify for the Temporary Skilled Graduate Visa. This visa allows you to stay in Australia for 18 months and gives you full work rights. During this time you can gain the work experience required for a “Skilled Visa” or an “Employer-sponsored Visa” and can also improve your English skills. You may eve find an employer who is willing to sponsor you.

If you have applied for the Temporary Graduate Visa you may also be eligible to apply for the Job Ready Program. The Job Ready Program (JRP) is a employment-based skills assessment program that provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate that your skills and job readiness are relevant to your nominated occupation, in an Australian workplace before you apply for migration in Australia.

Note: Since the conditions for the respective visa categories can change constantly, we advise that you consult a migration agent who can provide detailed, accurate and timely advice on the current visa categories.

Further Study Options

You may be able to progress onto a higher level course after completing your chosen course. Talk to our experts to find out about your options.