The Bat House

The Bat House

Located in a small park surrounding in Cape Tribulation. In the stunning Daintree Rain forest which is in sunny north Queensland. This is a volunteer run research station and visitors centre. With the aim to educate visitors on the local area and the eco system of the world famous Daintree Rain forest.

Opened in 1991, the Bat House is most famous for the resident Fruit Bats and Flying Foxes. Volunteer workers at the park aim to help educate the public on these endangered species but they also run a care program. Many injured Bats are brought to the park, it is here that they are nursed back to health and slowly released back into the wilds of the Daintree. Bats are native to tropical north Queensland and a popular attraction it is important that these animals are cared for and looked after as best as possible.

The Bat House completes many research programs on the bats. This helps to determine what sort of numbers are in the wild still, what sort of threats they are facing whether it be from humans, animals or loss of habitat, as well as to determine any new diseases which may be infecting the species. Research such as this is vital in keeping Bat number strong in Australia. It means that humans can help work towards a way of keeping habitat and reducing the residential and commercial development in the area. It also means that if a new illness comes around and is threatening the remaining species, scientists and veterinarians can immediately start to determine the problem and work towards treatment and cause.

Although there will usually be a resident bat on display within the Bat House, visitors must remember they are aloud to look but can not touch. As touching a Bat could spread disease amongst bats and humans. All donations made to the Bat House and funds raised are all given to the Cape Tribulation Research Station. The park is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30am to 3:30pm. Closed every Monday, Christmas Day and New Years. Entry to the park is through donation.

An amazing place to visit and the only one of its kind in Australia, come and visit these spectacular creatures and learn a thing or two about the Daintree Rain Forest.