Wildlife Carers Australia

Wildlife Carers Australia

Australia is home to many critically endangered species of animals. Most of these special creatures are only found on the soils of Australia. It is so important for Australian's and tourists to reach out and help these floundering species to give them a much needed second chance.

There are many ways to help Australia's native wildlife and the many endangered species which call this country home. Donations can be made to many research programs, charity organisations. There are Wildlife Sanctuaries all over Australia whose profits go towards the veterinary care and keep of many species that call the sanctuaries home. Or the most selfless way, become a volunteer wildlife carer.

Without Wildlife Carers in Australia, many injured or sick animals would not get the second chance at life that they are currently getting. Wildlife carers operate a 24hour emergency service, if an animal has been hit by a car, if there is a baby needing care or if some one brings them a sick or injured native animal they are brought straight to a volunteer carer.

With many baby animals being brought to wildlife carers each year, it is amazing to think that these selfless people do this work voluntarily (meaning they do not get paid). While it may seem like a fantastic opportunity to be able to see a baby being born, or to raise them to good health and finally be able to release them back to the wild. Raising a baby animal requires the same amount of work as raising a human child. All young need to be fed around the clock, with many night time feeding occurring. They need to be kept warm and safe, to feel protected.

To become a wildlife carer once must register through a volunteer organisation, these associations will require you to complete a workshop which will teach future volunteers all they need to know to become a successful carer. It is understandable that many will want to help these charity organisations but may not have the time or the facilities to care for animals themselves. Wildlife organisations are always looking for volunteers to help with Wildlife Rescues, Fundraising, Administration, Publicity and Promotion and even Carpentry.

These organisations need all the help they can get. As not for profit charities, they are helping rehabilitate Australia's Wildlife out of the goodness of their hearts. There is no pay and facilities and medical treatment must come out of the pockets of either the organisation or the carer themselves.

There are Wildlife organisationg all over Australia, all requiring donations and volunteer workers. If you have the time to spare they are bound to be over joyed by an extra pair of hands. Be part of it!