Travel & Tourism Courses in Australia

There are a wide range of travel and tourism study programs in Australia, ranging from Certificates to Masters degrees.

As demand for professional staff in international tourism organisations continues to grow, why not turn your passion of exploring new places, traveling the world into a career.

A degree in tourism in Australia will allow you to take advantage of this growth by providing you with knowledge of service industries combined with professional leadership and business management skills.

Industry professionals guide you and provide industry connections, ensuring that you will have the skills that employers are seeking and will have developed valuable industry contacts for your future career.

By gaining a globally recognised Australian education, you will be able to stand out from your competitors and fulfil your future career goals.

With so many institutions offering travel and tourism courses, it can be difficult to choose a provider that suits your needs. Our team of qualified education counselors have over 16 years experience helping international students study in Australia and all things involved including visas, application forms, courses, credits and life in Australia.

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Information about Travel & Tourism Courses in Australia

Note: Packaged courses are available and often offer significant savings in cost. Also provides the opportunity to study in Australia for longer. Contact us to find out more about the cookery courses on offer and special prices.

Certificate III in Travel

Course Duration: 6 - 9 Months

Start your career in travel with this entry-level course and gain the foundation skills to complete further studies in this field.

The Certificate III in Travel will qualify you to work across a number of strong-growth industries such as tourism, business, and online and corporate travel. You will have the skills to seek employment as an international corporate or online travel consultant, or a reservation sales agent for a tour operator, retail travel agency, corporate travel agency, cruise company or airline

With the guidance of experienced tourism industry experts, you will gain required the knowledge to provide advice on domestic and international destinations, process travel-related documentation, prepare quotes, use reservation software, and show cultural and social sensitivities.

Certificate III in Tourism

Course Duration: 6 - 9 Months

Take the first step to launching your career in tourism. Start your career in tourism with this entry-level course and gain the foundation skills to complete further studies in this field. This qualification will teach you a range of tourism services, sales and operational skills.

Certificate IV in Travel & Tourism

Course Duration: 6 - 9 Months

This course will teach you to be competent and operate independently in a range of technical tourism skills, including food and beverage, accommodation services, retail travel, vents, sales and marketing, operational and tour delivery.

This qualification provides a pathway to work in many travel and tourism industry sectors and for a diverse range of employers including travel agencies, tour wholesalers, tour operators, inbound tour operators, tourist attractions, visitor information centres and other tourism businesses.

Diploma of Travel & Tourism Management

Course Duration: 1 year (without package)

With the skills and knowledge provided by this course, you will be capable of working in any related sector of the travel and tourism industry.

You will develop key managerial and multitasking skills required to coordinate travel and tourism operations or develop and market travel and tourism products. You will be confident, be able to operate independently and knowledgeable in managing others and making a range of operational business decisions.

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management (Commercial Cookery Stream)

Course Duration: 1.5 yeara (without package)

This qualification reflects the role of senior managers within the travel and tourism industry.

By studying the Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management, you will develop advanced operational skills with a broad range of travel or tourism skills, combined with specialised managerial skills (such as developing and implementing a business plan and marketing strategies) as well as  substantial knowledge of industry operations, to coordinate travel or tourism operations.

Bachelor of Tourism Management

Course Duration: 3 years

Combining social science and business, this unique degree will equip you with transferable skills relevant to any industry. As a graduate, you will enter the workforce uniquely equipped with both specialist cultural and managerial knowledge, and a wealth of practical experience. At its core, this degree provides an in-depth introduction to the foundations of the tourism industry and a consideration of its natural, political and cultural environments.

Areas of focus include tourism and destination planning and management; local community opportunities; economic development; indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities. With a variety of flexible electives, you can also study a wide variety of fields including geography and urban studies, development studies, human resource management, and marketing.

Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management)

This course equips you with basic management practices and procedures as well as the specific tourism management knowledge and skills essential to the industry. It will introduce you to the concept of the visitor economy as well as different industries that form part of the global tourism industry such as airlines, cruise lines, casinos and destinations.

Postgraduate pathway options exist for graduates to continue on to a related master-level qualification through William Blue partner institutions.

Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Whether you hope to pursue a career in luxury travel, resorts, events and entertainment or travel management, this degree gives you transferrable skills for a career rich with diversity.

A 14-week internship is a key component of the course – you might find yourself doing a placement in five-star hotels across Australia or undertaking an internship abroad.

You'll learn from experts in the field and specialise in either tourism, hospitality or event management. You’ll join your fellow students on projects exploring the environmental impacts of tourism, tourist behaviours, planning music festivals, enhancing customer service designs, streamlining hotel operations, and the most recent innovations in the sector.

This is a truly global degree with career options spanning tourism planning, attractions and theme parks, eco-tourism, festival planning, hotel and resort management, casino management and restaurant operations in Australia and abroad.

Postgraduate Degrees

  • Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Master of Tourism, Environmental and Cultural Heritage

Vocational Courses

  • Completion of the equivalent of Australian Year 10 (sometimes Year 11 is required); and
  • An IELTS score (academic) of 5.5 with no band score less than 5.0 or equivalent.


Bachelor and Masters

  • Completion of the equivalent of Australian Year 12 or a pathway degree
  • An IELTS score (academic) of 6.0 with no band score less than 5.5 or equivalent.


Graduates seek positions in a range of tourism and hospitality operations including hotels and resorts; clubs and gaming operations; restaurants and catering; tourism destination planning and marketing; tourism policy development; ecotourism; visitor management; tourism retail management; tourist attractions and theme parks; conference and event operations.

Can I stay in Australia longer after completing a Travel/Tourism course?

Temporary Graduate Visa

Anyone who completes vocational training in Australia for more than 2 years (certificate / diploma), which is on the "Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)", but needs a "bridging time" for a permanent visa, may qualify for the Temporary Skilled Graduate Visa. This visa allows you to stay in Australia for 18 months and gives you full work rights. During this time you can gain the work experience required for a “Skilled Visa” or an “Employer-sponsored Visa” and can also improve your English skills. You may eve find an employer who is willing to sponsor you.

If you have applied for the Temporary Graduate Visa you may also be eligible to apply for the Job Ready Program. The Job Ready Program (JRP) is a employment-based skills assessment program that provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate that your skills and job readiness are relevant to your nominated occupation, in an Australian workplace before you apply for migration in Australia.

Note: Since the conditions for the respective visa categories can change constantly, we advise that you consult a migration agent who can provide detailed, accurate and timely advice on the current visa categories.