High School Australia


Western Melbourne Institute of TAFE became part of Victoria University in 1998. Since then the university has grown to its present size, educating about 45.000 students each year. Roughly half of these receive vocational training at one of the TAFE schools. Current and projected skills shortages in key industry sectors play a vital role in the design and variety of the TAFE’s course selection. This ensures future growth for local, national and international companies but also maximises job placement opportunities for the graduates.



The campuses are spread within close range of the city centre. This location makes all the comforts of the Melbourne metropolitan area easily accessible. The bustling nightlife of the city, with spots like St. Kilda, affordable cuisine in Chinatown, spectacular museums and excellent shopping can be reached using the public transport system.

While it rarely gets too hot during summers, wintertime in Victoria can be rather cold, with ample rainfall.



There are a total of eleven campuses within the network of Victoria University. Of these only the following eight locations feature TAFE facilities:

  • City King
  • Footscray Nicholson
  • Melton
  • Newport
  • St Albans
  • Sunbury
  • Sunshine
  • Werribee

St Albans is the largest of these campuses. Opened in 1987, its facilities are housed within a former army base. Today rather peaceful technologies dominate the location with modern equipment and state-of-the-art educational and recreational resources.



About 20.000 students attend the TAFE division each year, out of a total of roughly 45.000 for the whole university.



There is an ever expanding multitude of courses on offer at the following schools and academies:

  • School of Accounting, Financial and Library Studies
  • School of Administration, Legal and Leadership
  • School of Automotive and Engineering Technology
  • School of Construction Industries
  • School of Creative Industries
  • School of Family and Community Studies
  • School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events
  • School of Industry Skills Training
  • School of IT and Electrotechnology
  • School of Management, Marketing and Logistics
  • School of Nursing and Health Studies
  • School of Personal Services
  • School of Sports and Science


Entry Requirements

These may vary from course to course. In general, it is necessary to provide a school education that is the equivalent to the Australian years 10-12 with passes in English. Furthermore, enrolment at TAFEs in Victoria requires a minimum level of English language skills (equivalent of IELTS academic version min. of 5.5).


Student Activities

Since most campuses are within short distance of Melbourne the possibilities are sheer endless. Any number of shops, from major chain-stores to small specialty businesses can be found in the city and surroundings. The music-scene is very much alive and anyone will be hard pressed to find an evening without some live-tunes nearby. (Not only) on the weekend an abundance of nightclubs demand the dancing shoes. Acclaimed museums and galleries throughout the city cater for the cultural appetite.

Away from the bright city lights the Melbourne area has some great landscapes for the nature lover and a large number of National Parks can be accessed within close range. Phillip Island with its great surf and famous penguin parade or French Island National Park are just examples.



Sounds like your place to be? The friendly people at AA education will be more than happy to provide information and assist you on your way to the TAFE division of Victoria University. Just email us to receive the application form and help with the usual administrative hurdles.