Study In Australia Cambridge Internation College Melbourne

Study in Melbourne - Cambridge International College / Melbourne

CIC is located in the centre of Melbourne and is close to universities, shopping, restaurants and public transport.
Qualified and experienced teachers will work with you to achieve your goals in the area you wish to study.
Learn English in Melbourne where people are friendly and the climate is good.

Prepare for TOEIC, IELTS, FCE, CAE and BEC exams.
Study Multimedia or International Business.


CIC offers courses in English, International Business and Multimedia.

International Business
Gain the knowledge and skills to be technically proficient in a variety of aspects of exporting, importing, shipping, transport and customs. The broad range of business subjects offered are of great value as a general grounding for any student interested in a career in, or further study in Business.

The skills attained are suitable for employment across the industries of multimedia design and productions and across the arts, entertainment, e-commerce and media industries.


Fees for courses and other charges are quoted in Australian dollars. A reliable currency convertor is recommended, try this one.

Description Price + Enrolment Fee A$ 120


Weekly prices for the following full time programs A$ 270 per week
1-10 wks

A$ 260 per week
11-20 wks
A$ 250 per week
21-30 wks
A$ 240 per week
31-40 wks
A$ 230 per week
40+ wks
East West Package A$ 2,750

International Business

Certificate IV in International Business (International Trade) (20051Vic) $AU 6,000 (1 year)
Diploma of International Business (International Trade) (20053Vic) $AU 9,000 (1.5 years)
Advanced Diploma of International Business (International Business) (20055Vic) $AU 12,000 (2 years)

Certificate III in Multimedia (CUF30601) $AU 3,750 (6 months)
Certificate IV in Multimedia (CUF40801) $AU 7,500 (1 year)
Diploma in Multimedia (CUF50701) $AU 11,250 (1.5 years)
Advanced Diploma in Multimedia (CUF60501) $AU 15,000 (2 years)
Materials Fees International Business $AU 250 per year
Approximate book fee(refundable upon return of books) $AU 300 per year
Multimedia $AU 300 per year
English $AU 5 per week
Registration Fee $AU 60
Exam Fee $AU 120
Excursions (English courses)
Contact us for the cost of course excursions

Other Charges
Overseas Student Health Cover
(for student visa applicants only)
$AU 78 (3 months)
$AU 156 (6 months)
$AU 234 (9 months)
$AU 312 (12 months
Homestay Booking Fee AU$160
Homestay Fee AU$200 per week
Airport Meeting (One way)

**Arriving between 00:00 & 07:00 Melbourne time GMT+10.00

Student Support Package $AU 350

Cost of Living

Melbourne is a reasonably priced city with good quality affordable living and plenty of accommodation.

Your living costs will depend upon your lifestyle. However, DIMIA suggests that students will need a minimum of $AU 12,000 per year (not including tuition) to cover living expenses.

Share Accommodation costsTransport costsFood ($AU)

* Milk 1 litre $1.50
* Bread 1 loaf $2.00
* Apples 1 kg $2.00
* Potatoes 1 kg $1.50
* Steak 1 kg $13.00
* Eggs 1 dozen $3.00
* Corn Flakes 310g $2.50
* Fruit Juice 2 litres $3.00

Personal Effects/Services ($AU)

* Shoes 1 pair $70.00
* Jeans 1 pair $80.00
* Toothpaste 140g $2.50
* Shampoo 500ml $4.00
* T-shirt $20.00
* Hairdresser $20.00 (male), $50.00 (female)
* Newspaper $1.50
* Cinema ticket $11.00+