Kelmscott Senior High School

Kelmscott Senior High School Information

Kelmscott Senior High School stands for and promotes achievement; a safe disciplined learning environment; the values of courtesy, consideration and cooperation; and pride in the reputation, uniform and traditions of the school.


Kelmscott Senior High School is located within the outer metropolitan zone 30 minutes from the Perth city centre. Situated in the foothills of the Darling Range with pleasant waterfalls and national parks nearby, it has regular rail and bus services to Perth. The major retail outlets, food halls and cinemas of Carousel shopping centre are 10 to 15 minutes away by rail.


Being one of the largest secondary schools in Western Australia, Kelmscott Senior High School is able to offer an outstanding range of educational programs. With a reputation based on achievement and a positive educational environment, the school attracts students from across the south east corridor of the metropolitan area.

With a proud record of academic success, students from the school, on an annual
basis, enter the top facilities at university including medicine, law, and engineering. Significantly Kelmscott SHS offers more science subjects than any other school in the state. Foreign languages are a strong feature of the school. International
students from France, Germany and Japan have the opportunity of maintaining links with their home country through conversing with Australian students in their own language.

While university entrance is a key focus, Kelmscott SHS also offers a large range of courses including media, hospitality, outdoor education, art, drama, music, photography, computing and physical education studies. In addition, as a metropolitan school Kelmscott SHS is fortunate in having farm facilities which provide opportunities to link applied sciences to animal breeding and horticulture.


  • French, German and Japanese (Years 8-12)


These programs are available to international fee paying students. Interested students should contact the school for information regarding application procedures.

  • Academic Talent Programs (Years 8-10) in mathematics, science and humanities, provide extension activities for talented students.
  • Foreign Languages (Years 8-12) The school offers the opportunity to study German, French and Japanese.
  • Agriculture courses (Years 8-12) in animal husbandry and horticulture are open to all interested students. These courses while having strong practical components are linked to scientific analysis.
  • Soccer and Athletics (Years 8-12) Students are selected for these programs in Year 8 and may continue through physical education studies in the upper school. The school has been the state A division winner in athletics for the past two years.


The school does have an ESL program on offer to international students.


With an ethos based on care and cooperation, the school gives a very high priority to pastoral care. The administrative and student services teams are committed to a caring and positive learning environment.

The reputation of the school has been built on the foundation of care, complemented by consistent and fair discipline systems. The student services team is housed in a designated pastoral care centre and consists of a manager, chaplain, nurse, psychologist and year coordinators.