Robina State High School

Robina State High School overview

Robina State High School

Robina State High School presents a number of unique facilities such as a traditional Japanese Tatami room, a biotechnology laboratory, seven computer laboratories, a performing arts centre, a dance studio, fitness training room,

indoor multi-purpose gymnasium, purpose built golf facility and baseball field.

3 reasons to choose Robina State High School

  • A large range of state accredited programs with a strong focus on university entrance supports high academic outcomes
  • Flexible time tabling allows individually appropriate school program development
  • Three full time International staff plus three part time study tutors support all students in our International program


Robina State High School is in the Gold Coast Hinterland region and close to Surfer's Paradise.


The school places special emphasis on literacy from junior to senior school.

Specialist Programs

  • Biotechnology
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Futsal (A form of indoor soccer)

A Guide to Student Services

  • Chaplain
  • School Nurse
  • Guidance Officer
  • Community Liason Officer

International Student Program

Robina State High School warmly welcomes all international students and is committed to their overall welfare. The school provides international students with quality international education.

Unique Aspects & Achievments

  • University links and pathways programs with local, state and national Universities
  • Formal after school International Student tutorial program three days a week
  • Flexible program for senior students
  • Wide range of subject choices
  • Outstanding achievements in Maths, English, Science, Languages and Sports Excellence Programs


Learn more about Robina State High School and contact our staff now for free information and service.


  • Baseball
  • Futsal
  • Golf
  • ESL
  • Marine Studies


  • Annual ski trip and Japan trip
  • School camps
  • Talent quest nights
  • Learn to surf program
  • Clubs and activities (environment, Drama, music, public speaking, volunteer activities, futsal, baseball, International Club, etc.)


  • German
  • Japanese


  • Performing arts centre
  • Student activity centre
  • Parent centre
  • Navel cadet training unit
  • Authentic Japanese room
  • Purpose built LOTE centre
  • Computer, multimedia and biotechnology laboratories

Tertiary pathways

  • Griffith University GUEST Program
  • TAFE Co-operative Program

A large number of students regularly place very highly, in state and national competitions for maths, science, English and LOTE.

Other highlights

  • Three full time staff to support International Students
  • Formal after school tutorial program for International students four days a week
  • Senior students attend classes four days a week, with no formal classes scheduled on Fridays.