Rochedale State High School

Rochedale State High School

Rochedale State High School overview

Rochedale State High School is conveniently located on the southern boundary of Brisbane City with direct transport

links to the city (20 minutes). The school is situated on expansive land surrounded by trees, native bird life and wildlife.

As such, Rochedale SHS enjoys a natural environment whilst only 45 mins from the surf beaches and golden sands of the Gold Coast. With a school population of only 750 students and less than 25 International students, attendance at Rochedale SHS offers small class sizes with an emphasis on learning and support for the individual.

3 reasons to choose Rochedale State High School

  • Focus on the individual with a maximum of 25 international students and an established achievement record
  • Quality homestay families monitored by school staff to ensure individual attention and support
  • Individualised mentor and additional ESL programs supporting the full integration and development of each student


Rochedale State High School is on the southern outskirts of Brisbane's CBD.

School Philosophy

The school strives for personal excellence as exemplified by each student. Students are oriented towards wholesome development.


These are the core areas as taught at Rochedale State High School :

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Technology
  • The Arts
  • Physical Education
  • LOTE

Rochedale caters to students from junior school to senior school. The school is also a leading provider of vocational education, that is, authority and authority registered subjects. School Apprenticeships and work placements are also common for this field.

Student Support Services

  • Guidance & Counselling
  • School Chaplaincy
  • School Nurse
  • Behaviour Management Authority

International Students

International students are warmly welcome at Rochedale State High School as they strive to achieve with dignity. International students benefit from small and friendly class sizes with experienced teaching staff on hand and English language support where required.


  • Marine studies program
  • French and Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Specialist development programs in the arts, touch football and volleyball
  • Cultural development programs incorporating dance, drama and music
  • Additional ESL Support offered several times per week


  • International student camp and tour program
  • Access to community sport and cultural programs and activities
  • Agricultural shows across South-East Queensland
  • Performing arts, dance and aerobics


  • Chinese
  • French


  • International student centre
  • Information Technology rooms and pods (240 internet capable computers)
  • Business education centre
  • Science laboratories
  • Multimedia, film and television studio
  • Indoor multi-purpose courts
  • Dance and performance auditorium
  • Operational agricultural farm
  • Modern resouce centre

Tertiary pathways

  • Link programs with University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology
  • Access to specialist personal and career development programs


  • Metropolitan Touch Football Champions
  • National Volleyball Champions

Other highlights

  • Reputation for fostering success and caring for the individual
  • Ongoing staff development programs that support a high standard of teaching and learning activities