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High School Brisbane: Study Abroad at a High School in Brisbane

We official represent selected high schools in Brisbane. Our education counselors accept applications to selected private and state high schools in Brisbane and help prepare students for a study abroad

Are you interested to study at a high school in Brisbane? Then you have come to the right place. AA Education Network is a registered education agency for international students and officially represent the high schools in Brisbane. The high school programs we provide in Queensland are supported by the relevant Ministries of Education, so we can offer international students a large number of high schools. Our services for students and parents are FREE!


Queensland, Beautiful One Day and Perfect the Next. With saying this, there is no other place a teenager dreams of living then in sunny Queensland, and the capital city of Queensland the cultural hub is Brisbane. Brisbane is not just a big city in a sunny state, it is a friendly, laid back and nurturing city which would be a great place for any teenager to start it's secondary education. It is a much more affordable city for families to live in and study in then Sydney and Melbourne.

There are three types of schooling available for high school students these are government or public schooling, private schools and independent schools. With large campuses and more out door and environmental education available then most other states in Australia. Brisbane is a great place for students to broaden their minds.

We hope the following pages will help to make your decision in finding a great High School a little bit easier. With all the options available in schooling and subjects there is alot to find out.

There are over many government and non-government funded high schools in Brisbane to choose from. After completing secondary school students may have the opportunity to continue studying in tertiary institutions. Brisbane has been a popular choice for international students wanting to continue their studies, after secondary school, in Australia.

Our High Schools in Brisbane

We can offer students many state high schools in Brisbane, Queensland. We also represent a selected number of private schools in Brisbane. If you are interested in a private Brisbane high school, please visit out page "Private Schools Australia", otherwise keep reading to find out more about the state high schools in Brisbane.

High Schools in Brisbane

Live and Learn in Brisbane with a High School Program

Education Queensland International

High Schools in Brisbane

Education Queensland International (EQI) is responsible for offering international student programs at selected state high schools in Brisbane and the rest of Queensland.

The International Schools Program offered at the state high schools in Brisbane gives students from around the world the opportunity to develop personally, culturally and professionally during a memorable stay abroad. The schools in Brisbane are known throughout Australia for their high standards.

You don't have to be afraid if your English skills are not perfect, there is the possibility to take part in the "High School Preparation Program", this course prepares you for high school studies in English language.

The school year at the state high schools in Brisbane are divided into four terms. If you want to take part in an international school program, this can always take place at the beginning of a new term, either in January, April, July or October.

Why a Brisbane State High School?

Why a Brisbane State High School?

A study abroad in Brisbane means an unforgettable experience for young people with inestimable value for their own personality and development.

Brisbane state schools offer the ideal environment for this: The sun-drenched climate on the Australian east coast is the main travel destination for locals and international visitors all year round. Students can expect breathtaking city life with the friendly flair typical of Australia.

The subjects available exceed the educational offerings typical for other countries, such as Europe. Courses such as dance, theater, philosophy or design can be taken in the higher grades in addition to compulsory subjects such as English, mathematics and biology.

The schools in Brisbane also score in terms of quality. The school curriculum was far more successful in the PISA studies than that of German schools for example.

Those who opt for a student exchange in Brisbane can live with a host family (most popular), relative or other approved arrangement in close proximity to the high school. The city center and all entertainment and leisure facilities, such as the public pools of South Bank, are always easy to reach by public transport.

High School Programs in Brisbane

The following high school programs in Brisbane are available with Education Queensland International (EQI):

Complete high school in Brisbane
​Study at a Brisbane Government high school to enhance English proficiency, experience Australian culture and gain a globally recognised qualification. Choose to complete the Queensland Certificate of Education or the International Baccalaureate.

​​​High School Preparation (Intensive English)
​An intensive High School Preparation program to improve English proficiency and enable students to join mainstream high school classes.

Study Abroad (metro High School)
​Enhance your English language skills and experience Australian culture for three, six, nine or 12 months ​in the High School (Study Abroad) Program.

​Study Abroad (metro) + Regional Study Abroad

​Students can combine a study abroad at a metro high school in Brisbane with a study abroad at a regional high school. This gives students an opportunity to study and experience Australian life and culture in a city and also a beautiful coastal or countryside community. Better yet, the price is cheaper than just studying at a metro high school (study abroad program).


Profiles of the State High Schools in Brisbane

We only list some of the high schools in Brisbane. Please contact us for more information.

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