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Value-Added Role of Parents Accompanying School-Going International Kids

Hundreds of minor international students come over to Brisbane to study in popular high schools. Parents of such students can come over to the country and reside under Student Guardian visa as long as the student remains a minor. However, there are many responsibilities and expectations from the parents. Here are some useful aspects one must check out before staying on as a foreigner in Australia with a child studying at a school in a social city, such as Brisbane.

Support Function
Many parents’ associations have come up in Queensland to address issues and concerns about international students who are not yet adults. Security, traveling, education, and similar issues are discussed and solutions are implemented with coordination from like-minded parents.

Parents take part in fundraising events, functions in school and after-school hours, and training the kids in school in subjects such as numeracy and literature. Many parents associations help parents and school come together to enable the kids develop useful skills during vacations and enjoy a satiating camping session.

Children of International Students
In case parents are studying themselves, it is possible for them to enroll their dependent children to various state schools. The enrollment of the kids is done through Education Queensland International (EQI). Parents must look after the students and finance their education as well. The parents as well as the kids must study in Queensland.

Voluntary Service
Parents of international students are invited from time-to-time by various state schools, Catholic-managed schools, and private schools to help in various events. Apart from looking after their own kids, parents are asked to help in after – school hours, support services, such as in canteen, and community service. Few organizations help parents to voice their opinion through newsletters. The parents staying in Australia under Student Guardian visa can reside in the country as long as the student – under Student visa -- remains a minor.

Study Programs
Some parents often engage themselves in a study program or a summer camp. Although, holders of Student Guardian visa can only study for 3 months (ELICOS excluded), there are options to participate in short camps in Brisbane. Music classes as short as 10 days are available during summers that invite parents and caregivers of international students to participate and learn. Early childhood music sessions allow parents to learn ways to teach music to children in the nascent years.

Other classes include English learning programs, spoken English courses, and sessions on Business English.  Parents taking up ELICOS courses can study for unlimited time during their stay in Australia.

Write to our student adviser if you are a parent of an international student and looking for opportunities to study or volunteer in Brisbane.