Independent and Private Schools in Australia

Private Schools Australia

Private Schooling in Australia

An increasingly popular method of schooling, the mid way between the two extremes of Public or Government Schooling and Independent Schools.

Usually down to earth with out being over the top. A nice medium in a professional homely environment, the ideal place to send you child to ensure they have a well balanced future.

Private Schools are mostly run by Religious and Community Sectors which is why they are usually called Catholic or Christian College's or Anglican Grammar Schools. They are partly funded by the Australian Government. There will mostly be smaller class sizes and nice exclusive and safe facilities. Many of these Schools will have their own Primary, Middle and Secondary School or have sister schools which students can move from one to another.

Known for their friendly natures and community spirit these schools are an ideal schooling option giving children a great start in life and giving them the skills they will require to have a successful and bright future.

Private Schools are a very popular choice and you will see more and more of them popping up all over Australia as there becomes a bigger demand for a more affordable school offering more options.

Private Schools in Australia can be divided into two categories:

  • private Catholic schools, and
  • independent private schools of other religious persuasions.

Private schools in Australia receive a subsidy from both federal and state governments, however, they mainly depend on tuition fees.

Independent Schools


Independent Schools are not Australian Government Funded meaning higher school fees and smaller class sizes which is a plus.

Every parent wants their child to get all the attention they require whilst completing school. Smaller class sizes will always help with this. Independent Schools will usually require you to purchase more elaborate School uniforms. There will be more excursions, more extra – curricular activities and sporting events, and more focus on each student as an individual.

Independent Schools will usually have bigger campus’s, offering classes for children from Kindergarten to Year 12. These campus’s will have more facilities with more specialist teachers including special music and art areas, bigger Gymnasiums, swimming pools and tennis courts many of the Independent Schools will even have their own Rowing Clubs and school Horse Riding teams.

Australian Independent Schools are known for being expensive and exclusive compared to their government and private counterparts. Government or Public Schools which are fully funded by the Australian Government and Private Schools which are partially funded by the Australian Government.

How ever as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Australian Independent Schools may be more expensive then others but here you get smaller class sizes, specialist teachers, more specialised classes as well as more subject choices, extra curricular activities, more facilities (most of these schools have their own swimming pools, tennis courts, gymnasiums, more ovals, many even have their own environment areas where students learn to care for the environment as well as growing their own food and plants. Also offering yearly specialised camps for students in High School).

Independent Schools run for Kindergarten to Year 12, meaning students don’t have to move schools. There is usually also smaller school fee’s if siblings are also attending the school.

There are many Independent Schools around each capital city in Australia and they are well worth the extra.

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