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Increasing numbers of international students are choosing Canberra's their study destination because of its reputation for delivering quality education outcomes. Other reasons could be Canberra's spectacular economic growth, development and industrial growth.

Canberra is the capital city of Australia, and about 400,000 people live here. It was built on the plain at the foot of the Australian Alps, and covers 805 square kilometres. Canberra is approximately a three-hour drive south west of Sydney. It is not Australia’s biggest city, Sydney and Melbourne are the largest, however, Canberra was in the middle of the two large cities so it was chosen to be the capital.

Aboriginals were the first people to live in the area, and that is how it got its’ name, Canberra is said to be an old aboriginal word meaning, “meeting place”. It was built around a man made lake, so even though the ocean is not there, there are plenty of places to swim and suntan.

Study in CanberraCanberra’s main sport is cycling, so if you are an active cyclist, you will want to join the stream of people riding through the bike trails, parks, streets and hills.

The ACT is a very popular tourist spot, and many of the tourists are employed in places such as, hotels, restaurants, and tour bus companies. If you are not working there however, it is usually sufficient to only spend a few days in the city and be able to cover the things you will want to see and do.

Canberra is home to the National Gallery of Australia. The gallery displays art from various Australian artists. Art from overseas is also on display. Also in Canberra is the National Museum of Australia. Visitors can learn about Australia’s land and people. The museum tells the stories of Australians and Australia.

The Australian War Memorial is a shrine, museum and an archive. The Memorial commemorates Australians who sacrificed themselves in a war. Its purpose is to help Australians remember and understand Australia’s involvement in war and its impact. In the memorial’s building there are various relics, art, film and photographs used to tell the story of Australia’s experience in wars, peacekeeping and other conflicts.

Study in CanberraQuestacon is Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre. It aims to promote awareness and understanding of science and technology in society. The centre commits to giving an experience that is fun and interactive. Thousands of visitors come to the centre each year. The educational approach is based on learning by doing. Questacon tries to provide fun ways to explore science and technology.

Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House is a museum that aims to encourage visitors to reflect on Australian democracy. The museum is located at Canberra’s original parliament house. It contains several exhibitions. Australian Democracy is where visitors take a trip through the past. It places Australian democracy in the context of geography and history. Visitors learn about Australia’s road to democracy. There is also the Prime Ministers of Australia exhibition. This is where the profiles of Australia’s Prime Ministers are displayed. Visitors can also learn little known facts about the people who became the leader of Australia. Other exhibitions are Living Democracy, Hands on Democracy and Billy Hughes at War.


The summer season in Canberra is usually quite hot and dry, with the spring season being nice and mild, the temperatures range from 16-30°C (60-86°F). The autumn season, of this city is also very mild, however the winter can become very cool and wet, with the temperature ranging from 7-15°C (45-59°F).

Study in Canberra

Living Costs

The cost of living in Canberra is very affordable and much cheaper than the larger cities, plus you will live in a safe clean environment. There are many ways to keep costs down by shopping at low-cost supermarket and stores such as Aldi, Big W and Kmart. Buying produce that are in season and cooking your own meals are useful options to manage your budget.

The median weekly rental price for a house in Canberra is AUD$560, while the median weekly rental price for a unit is $465.

Study in Canberra

Study Options

Canberra is home to a number of world-class research and education institutions, and education forms an important part of the community and economy. A global city with a multicultural population, Canberra welcomes students and world-class academics from around Australia and the world to their community. International students make up 27 per cent of the total number of students studying in the ACT.

Canberra is a place where a culture of innovation and creativity leads to extraordinary achievements in science, research, education and business, with great career opportunities awaiting our graduates. Its status as the home of the Australian Government makes it an ideal place to study courses in politics, international relations, public service, law, journalism and security.

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