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AA Education offers a comprehensive pathway program for international students through some Colleges. If you don’t meet the normal academic entry requirements for study, or if you don’t have strong English language skills, then some Colleges are the ideal start to your studies in Canberra. Please visit us for further information.

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Study Canberra - Free Services for international Students

AA Education Network has been providing quality services to every individual who aims to either travel to Australia, study in Australia or even work in Australia. Irrespective of your age, gender and education background, AA Education Network can help you identify the opportunities and the experience that the life down under offers.

We aim to provide you assistance at every step of your trip to Australia. We help you by giving you guidance on how to apply for your course/visa, how to prepare for your trip, how to manage when you reach Australia, how to find job in Australia and finally on how to settle down when you come back to your home after your stay.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Assistance with finding a suitable course in any education institute anywhere in Australia. Our network covers all the Universities, Colleges, TAFE institutes, Language Schools, High Schools etc)
  • Once you have decided on the course you want to enroll in, we provide you information on applying for it including help with filling in the forms with requirements relating to translation, certified copies and submissions
  • English language tests’ requirements and other information including discounts on English tests
  • Follow up on a submitted application and support along the way
  • Information on how to apply for a student visas and extend/renew a current student visa
  • Assistance with the journey including information on flights to and from Australia
  • Help in organizing airport pick and other on-arrival services
  • Assistance with accommodation in Australia, specially student accommodation
  • All the information you will need about life in Australia. This includes information on health insurance, bank accounts, public transport, student discounts, job search etc.
  • On job front, we provide information on internships, work placements and work experience in Australia
  • Help with getting Australian awards recognized if you wish to transfer the credit of your course to another course overseas
  • Special service to provide support to our clients in Australia to ensure they settle down properly and find answers to every possible question (e.g. How do I find shared accommodation? Will I be allowed to take my pet with me? How do I find information on schools or child care places in Australia? How will I manage the cultural differences, language difference, stress etc.)
  • Provision of dedicated education agents during your stay in Australia to answer your questions during your stay. These agents are available via email.

Most importantly, we submit your application for free.

Due to all the above advantages, thousands of people use our services. Our client base is expanding rapidly with students, tourists and job seekers who find comfort and quality in our services. Our clients know that they can trust us in providing them the best solution for their education, holidays or work needs.

Study at School in Canberra

Secondary Colleges or High Schools in Canberra are not zoned so your child may attend any school of choice which offers subjects and facilities best suited to their needs. However many state schools and colleges have heavy enrolments, and the school Principal has discretionary rights to invoke zones when student numbers become too high. Then the school will only admit a student if that school is the zoned school or the closest school to the family’s place of residence. Places in these schools are then not available unless the child lives within the school zone. While most students attend their ‘local’ school, this is not compulsory, and parents are free to enroll their children at the school. Enrollment is carried out at the school. Certain schools specialize in different career paths. Excellence in those career paths may be reason for admittance to these schools regardless of zoning.

The advantages and disadvantages of the state secondary system

  • Neighborhood location is socially advantageous and saves students from traveling long distances to schools
  • Costs are minimized
  • Well equipped technology programs and science facilities
  • Wide choice at TER level, often including less academic options
  • Parental participation and involvement is encouraged; there are opportunities to influence school policy and curriculum
  • Weekends are left free for families as there is no Saturday sport

Further information about internationals’ eligibility to attend a state school, contact our International Education Unit.

Why Study in Canberra

Canberra is the capital city of Australia, and about 300, 000 people live there. It was built on the plain at the foot of the Australian Alps, and covers 805 square kilometres. Canberra is approximately a three-hour drive south west of Sydney. It is not Australia’s biggest city, Sydney and Melbourne are the largest, however, Canberra was in the middle of the two large cities so it was chosen to be the capital city.

Aboriginals were the first people to live in the area, and that is how it got its’ name, Canberra is said to be an old aboriginal word meaning, “meeting place”. It was built around a man made lake, so even though the ocean is not there, there are plenty of places to swim and suntan. Canberra’s main sport is cycling, so if you are an active cyclist, you will want to join the stream of people riding through the bike trails, parks, streets and hills.

The ACT is a very popular tourist spot, and many of the tourists are employed in places such as, hotels, restaurants, and tour bus companies. If you are not working there however, it is usually sufficient to only spend a few days in the city cover the things you will want to see and do.

The summer season in Canberra is usually quite hot and dry, with the spring season being nice and mild, the temperatures range from 16-30°C (60-86°F). The autumn season, of this city is also very mild, however the winter can become very cool and wet, with the temperature ranging from 7-15°C (45-59°F)

We provide numerous programs free of cost to you if you appoint us as your agency. Just send your application to us. As a member, you receive free of cost information on Australian education institutions. Inform us about your selection criteria as well as courses, costs and study locations. On the basis of these criteria, we send you a list of the institutes best suitable for you within 48 hours. Therefore we save you valuable searching time.